International Woolmark Prize

Such is the beauty of fine wool, a fibre which exudes innovation and is full of infinite possibilities, that it launched the careers of both Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld back in 1954. Today, it is this very fibre which still has no limits and can catapult an emerging designer into an icon.

The International Woolmark Prize has been revived for a new generation. Reincarnated in 2012 to not only award innovative designers and welcome them to the global stage, but to honour a fibre with endless possibilities and one which allows these designers to become true masters of their craft.

By crossing borders and cultures the International Woolmark Prize recognises that fashion is an international language; that wool is a fibre that speaks to a cross-section of societies; and recognises the importance of fostering emerging talent who will become masters of their craft.

The award begs the question ‘How can we take wool into the future?’ and five finalists will represent their regions – and generations – in order to show the world the future of wool: the fabric of innovation.