Creating apparel from Merino Wool

The Woolmark brand is the world's best-known textile fibre brand and is represented by the iconic Woolmark logo



Products bearing the Woolmark logo meet strict wool content and quality criteria, based on the exacting demands of today's customers.

The Woolmark brand is owned by The Woolmark Company - the global authority on Merino wool. The company operates a global licensing program which enables Woolmark licensees - apparel manufacturers and brands from around the world - to use one of the Woolmark logos as an independent quality endorsement on the licensee's products.

So powerful is the meaning behind the Woolmark logo that it has been applied to more than five billion products worldwide - from high fashion to leisurewear - since its creation back in 1964.

The logo's design half a century ago was the result of a collaboration of the world's wool producers led by Australian woolgrowers and it became the independent marketing tool used to support the use of quality wool, at a time when man-made fibres were emerging into the market.

For nearly 50 years, the Woolmark logo has been providing consumers with an assurance of quality: that every product marked with the logo is made from 100 per cent pure new wool and meets strict quality specifications.

The Woolmark Company also offers brands for quality products which blend wool with other fibres. The Woolmark Blend logo is for products containing 50 per cent to 99 per cent new wool; the Wool Blend logo is used for products containing 30 per cent to 49 per cent new wool.



Whenever you see a Woolmark logo, you can rest assured that quality has not been compromised.

The original Woolmark logo is believed to have been designed by Italian graphic artist Francesco Saroglia nearly half a century ago. The logo's design is so strong, partly due to its graphic simplicity, that it remains unchanged to this day. It is one of the very few symbols that still feels contemporary despite not having been altered since its creation.

Made up of five black bands criss-crossing to form a skein of wool - perfectly representing the softness, elegance and modernity of the fibre - the logo has stood the test of time and continues to attract acclaim across the world. In 2011 the UK's leading magazine for visual communication Creative Review voted the Woolmark logo as the top logo of all time.

The Woolmark Company also uses the logo in its global marketing campaigns to promote the benefits of wool and ensure consumers have a range of quality Merino apparel to buy, enjoy and treasure. In particular the logo accompanies the 'Merino. No Finer FeelingTM' fibre advocacy campaign that establishes Merino wool as the fabric of choice for fine, contemporary fashion.

As well as working in the areas of fashion and textiles, the Woolmark Company also collaborates with Australian farmers to help them continue to grow and harvest Merino to the very highest standards, thereby maintaining the exceptional quality of Australian Merino fibre for premium apparel.