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Bringing adventure sports fabrics into fashion

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Across the world casualization is taking over. As jeans become more acceptable in the workplace and suits are reserved for formal occasions, the taste for casual dress has left us somewhat starved for more. Enter Formal Friday, a new Finnish menswear brand fusing adventure sports fabrics into fashion.


From little things big things grow, and what started as an idea over a pint of beer with a couple of friends has flourished into a hip new menswear label, who knows their customers’ taste and fit.

Made up of 5 Finnish guys with very different backgrounds, head designer Teemu Muurimäki brings with him more than 10 years of international experience from brands including Armani and Dolce & Gabbana.

According to Teemu, the Formal Friday man is a self-conscious adventurer who values simplicity and quality. His style is based on charisma. A business suit might feel too formal and jeans too casual, but he is effortlessly well dressed.

Formal Friday’s debut collection burst onto the scene early-2015 with 18 products, ranging from shawl-collared polos and blazers to classic cut Tees and underwear. And with 16 out of 18 items made from Merino wool, you can rest assured that quality has not been compromised.

“Right from the beginning we decided to do clothing that is of highest quality and functional, yet good looking. We searched the world and tried different fabrics, but eventually fell in love with Merino,” explains CEO Toni Tervilä.

“The true essence of Formal Friday is that we want to make life easy and enjoyable. We're simple guys who want to wear relaxed yet stylish clothes that function well on an everyday basis. What we want to do is offer a hand of help for fellow mates to find the same ease-of-wearing we're keen to.”

Formal Friday

 Fogg Jersey Blazer in Racing Green is made from 100% extrafine Merino wool, making it extremely easy and light to wear and virtually wrinkle free.

As avid sports enthusiasts, the brains behind FF started to realise that their favourite item of clothing – the ones which fit well, looked good and stayed in shape – were related to their favourite outdoor and sports activities.

Enter Merino wool, a fibre they knew well from their staple pieces of outdoor wear; a fibre which resists odours, resists creases and one whose technical properties easily transcend into stylish apparel. Sourcing the finest quality Australian Merino wool, this first collection is full of Merino and Merino blends and innovative fabrics.

“For example, the Merino jersey blazer, which definitely changed the way we think about freedom of movement and lightness while wearing a sophisticated and elegant piece of garment like a blazer.”

Putting Merino wool’s properties to the test, Toni says they tried to beat up one of their Merino blend shirts, wearing it for weeks without ironing and just airing it out during the nights.

“The shirt remained the same.”  

Innovation doesn’t stop with fabric, and Formal Friday’s online shop reflects the superiority and effortlessness of its clothing.

“We wanted to create a shopping experience that makes the life of the customer as easy and joyful as possible. The idea behind the shop is that you can choose a model that is close to your own size, and then see all the garments in all sizes on him.”

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