The Emperor 1688

India & Middle East finalist prepares for 2014/15 International Woolmark Prize menswear final

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Sourcing inspiration from classical architecture, world culture and traditional English tailoring, The Emperor 1688 fuses these themes all together for a contemporary customer.

The UAE-based label will be representing India & the Middle East at the International Woolmark Prize menswear final to be held on the first day of London Collections: Men.


Showing that fashion knows no cultural or geographical boundaries, The Emperor 1688 from the UAE last year found success at the International Woolmark Prize regional final and is gearing up for the grand final showdown at the menswear final.

Founded and designed by three brothers Babak , Haman and Farhan Golkar, The Emperor 1688 is an innovative luxury brand that prides itself the fantasy and ideal of menswear through the eyes of the design trio.

Achieving a balance between functionality and creativity, the trio looked back to the traditional use of Merino wool in men’s fashion and how it can fit into contemporary culture.

Emperor 1688 woolmark prize

"Wool for us is something that has movement and is never static from the moments the fibre is on the sheep to the time it is woven and eventually cut into a garment,”  explains The Emperor 1688. “It’s always in transition and change.   

“We looked at this sense of movement and compared it to the tribal movements of Central Asian tribes. We wanted to explore this concept of interchangeability in a very contemporary urban silhouette yet still respecting the traditional use of wool in men’s fashion.”

Joining The Emperor 1688 at the inaugural International Woolmark Prize menswear final is Sise (Asia), STRATEAS.CARLUCCI (Australia), Asger Juel Larsen (Europe) and PUBLIC SCHOOL (USA). Each brand will present a capsule collection to an esteemed panel of industry heavyweights, seeking global glory and etching their name into the history books as the first menswear winner of the coveted award.

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