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Behind the Alexander Wang photo shoot by Annie Leibovitz

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"All I want to do is be shot by Annie Leibovitz and I’ll be able to die a happy man," says fashion designer Alexander Wang during a shoot with the famed photographer.


Alexander Wang’s photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz

In a dark and somewhat dingy alley in New York City, right behind Alexander Wang’s fashion design studio, internationally acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz shot a selection of stunning images featuring Wang, and a Merino sheep, as part of The Woolmark Company’s  ‘Merino Wool. No Finer Feeling TM campaign.

“It’s a great fibre with amazing characteristics and it’s a privilege to be working with it.” Alexander Wang

Leibovitz has captured the essence of the designer and the beauty of his collaboration with The Woolmark Company, with the portrait of Wang appearing in the world’s leading fashion magazines as well as in digital and social media.

Championing the benefits of Merino wool as a luxury fibre, Wang has included pieces in both his eponymous label’s Autumn/Winter 2013 and 2014 collections. For the two-season partnership select Alexander Wang pieces will carry the iconic Woolmark symbol, guaranteeing not only the fibre content but also the high quality of the garment. 

“Merino is something that we’ve had since our very first collection and it’s something we’ve included in every single one of our collections since then, especially in Spring/Summer,” Wang said during the photo shoot and captured on a behind-the-scenes video. “Merino wool is always our best seller: people see it as season-less; the opportunities are endless.”

In an era of discerning consumers who appear to know all too little about the versatility of wool and its inherent, natural benefits, Wang is helping to establish Merino wool as the fibre of choice for fine, contemporary fashion.  

“As a designer I think it’s very important to educate your consumer and your audience with the idea of renewability and the characteristics of wool; how it’s environmentally safe and how you can put it back into your customers’ hands and into the stores.”

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