India gets cool with wool

The spotlight is again on the region as Raymond launches Cool Wool collection

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Wool has certainly been a hot topic in India the past few months, as Indian designer Rahul Mishra took out the 2013/14 International Woolmark Prize and fellow designer Rajesh Pratap Singh was last year named The Woolmark Company’s inaugural Indian ambassador. Now, in a country with a warm, tropical climate, Cool Wool has landed in India to spread the word that wool is a fibre for all seasons.



Blurring the line between summer and winter clothing, Indian fashion designer Gaurav Jai Gupta has released a menswear collection for leading retailer Raymond, which will be available in-store from April 2014.

In partnership with The Woolmark Company, Gupta’s collection uses Cool Wool fabrics which highlight the natural benefits of the Merino fibre, such as increased breathability, moisture management properties and luxurious next-to-skin feel and touch.

“Cool Wool is one of the most easily adaptable trans-seasonal fabrics for Indian weather, which maximises wearing opportunities,” explains Gupta, who has used 100 per cent wool fabrics in his collections as well as blends with other natural fibres such as silk, cotton and linen.

“The collection refers to new ways of juxtaposing separates for menswear and is simple, timeless and straightforward.”

India’s rag trade got a taste of Cool Wool in March 2013, when the trade campaign made its industry debut at India Fashion Forum in Mumbai. Now, as part of the larger global campaign, Cool Wool is reaching out to a new generation of consumers, telling the story that wool is a fibre for all seasons.

In collaboration with The Woolmark Company, Gupta’s 20-piece collection has been made exclusively for India’s leading menswear brand, Raymond. Raymond is also India’s leading manufacturer, marketer and retailer of worsted suiting fabrics over the past eight decades and will stock Gupta’s Cool Wool collection in stores and multi-branded outlets across the country.

To celebrate the launch, a fashion show was held at the Australian High Commission in New Delhi, where Indian celebrity actor Randeep Hooda took to the runway along with other A-list male models. The event was watched by more than 400 people, including Fashion Design Council of India president Sunil Sethi, 2013/14 International Woolmark Prize winner Rahul Mishra, designers Abraham & Thakore and Aneeth Arora, along with fashion and lifestyle journalists.


In a climate which is warm nearly all 12 months of the year, India, to many, may seem like an unlikely place to wear wool. Yet Cool Wool lets people know that it’s actually quite the opposite. The Cool Wool campaign aims to change current misconception that wool is only suitable for cold climates.

“We want to negate this notion,” explains The Woolmark Company Global Strategic Advisor Peter Ackroyd. “Indian customers need to understand the true potential, versatility, and the benefits of using wool in summer. With Cool Wool, we are confident and believe that Indians will fathom the adaptability of wool in summer.”

Research shows that wool – a living fibre – performs better than cotton and polyester in the natural management of moisture and temperature, ensuring that Cool Wool keeps the wearer more comfortable when the temperature rises.

The new Cool Wool campaign takes the concept of trans-seasonal apparel even further for the 21st century with even lighter weight fabrics and yarns, promoting the use of wool as a fibre for all seasons and extending the selling period of wool.

Cool Wool garments are manufactured from lightweight Merino wool fabrics with a maximum weight of 190 g/m² and a maximum mean wool fibre diameter of 22.5 micron. The fabric/garment surface is clean and smooth. Cool Wool fabrics and garments carrying the Woolmark symbol are normally 100 per cent Pure New Wool but can include blends of wool with fine animal fibres.

Stocking Cool Wool garments in Raymond opens the door to new consumption possibilities, widening the appeal of wool.

“We are delighted to partner with Raymond, one of the oldest and the largest fabric brand and fashion retailers in India,” says Ackroyd. “Raymond’s Cool Wool menswear collection exemplifies the infinite possibilities of using wool. The designs presented were pragmatic, unique, and captivating.”

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