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The Woolmark Company Screens Documentary Stateside

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The 2014/15 International Woolmark Prize Winners witness the US unveiling of a new documentary, and welcome in their successors.

NeueHouse, a series of shared workspaces for creative entrepreneurs in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, provided a suitable setting for the US screening of the new Anthony-Lau directed documentary Behind the Prize last night in New York.

Tracing the journey of the five emerging labels competing for the 2014/2015 International Woolmark Prize for womenswear, the film was unveiled to an audience including prize winner Marcia Patmos of M.Patmos alongside design duo Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, co-designers of Public School and winners of the menswear arm of the award.

Steven Kolb, Marcia Patmos, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne of Public School, and Michelle Lee of The Woolmark Company.

Steven Kolb, CEO of prize nominating body Council of Fashion Designers of America, made an appearance in the theatre seats and on screen, his gems of advice peppered throughout the twenty-minute film that travels the world to arrive at the award finals in China.

Patmos, who graciously watched herself in motion, has previously commented on the scale of the prize that saw designer Victoria Beckham, fashion commentator Colin McDowell and buying director Justin O’Shea join the judging panel. “I was really impressed that so many high-quality editors and buyers were secured to come to Beijing. Everything was super high-quality, including all the other designers!”

Siki Im, David Hart, Raul Arevalo, Brad Schmidt, Kaelen Haworth, Jordana Warmflash, Nellie Partow, Chris Gelinas, Thaddeus O’Neil and Tanya Taylor.

Also in attendance were the 2015/16 International Woolmark Prize nominees for the USA region including Raul Arevalo and Brad Schmidt of Cadet, Kaelen Haworth of Kaelen, David Hart, Jordana Warmflash of Novis, Nellie Partow, Thaddeus O’Neil, Tanya Taylor, Siki Im and Chris Gelinas. Lucio Castro was also nominated, bringing the American nominee count to 11 this year.

Produced by The Woolmark Company in order to document the latest chapter of the International Woolmark Prize, the documentary gives a voyeuristic peek into the high-stakes world of women’s fashion design. “The film was really good,” said Public School’s Chow. “We got to see the women’s process, which was cool. Now we are wishing that they had done a men’s one. Hopefully they’ll do one for the next class!”

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