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Europe finalist prepares for 2013/14 International Woolmark Prize

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Though not related by blood, this trio forms a bond as tight as the closest of families. With the philosophy 'all for one and one for all', SIBLING stirs the pot when it comes to traditional knitwear and the label's DNA is both unique and recognisable within the clothes they craft.


Classical fun

For Cozette McCreery, Sid Bryan and Joe Bates, the thought of showing off their clothes to an international audience during Milan Fashion Week is an experience not taken for granted. The trio - who collectively are known as SIBLING - are putting the finishing touches on  a six-piece Merino wool capsule collection which will make up the label's final submission for the 2013/14 International Woolmark Prize.

The London-based label is designing by its mission: 'let's put the fun into classics', and has been exploring the different ways to work with wool. At the Europe regional final in Milan, SIBLING won because they created the perfect storm: stunning technique, a crazy level of creativity and a keen appreciation of wool's endless potential, according to editor-at-large and International Woolmark Prize judge Tim Blanks. The winning design, a knitted wool bodysuit and jacket encapsulated the SIBLING signature DNA, a celebration of youthfulness, fun and optimism and the fibre's versatility allowed the label achieve effects not possible with other fabrics.

"We had the opportunity to create incredible surfaces through stitch, and the volume and the three-dimensional silhouette we created those two seasons were purely down to the fact of the versatility of that wool," explains Sid Bryan. "Being a part of the whole Woolmark experience is massively beneficial from an international exposure point of view. We had instant, instant international presence which we didn't have before."

The trio are excited to return to Milan for the global final, as it is a market that SIBLING believes they are ready to enter.

"We're personally really selfishly really happy it's in Milan this year; it's in Italy we're really keen to get a good exposure to the brand," said Bates. "We're determined every step that what we make is well thought out and has the best chance of success it could possibly have."

IWP 2013/14 Europe Finalist - Sibling

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