Etxeberria enters The Hunger Games

Spanish designer and IWP alumnus Etxeberria creates standout costumes for the recent instalment of The Hunger Games

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The creations of Spanish menswear designer and International Woolmark Prize IWP alumnus [European menswear finalist 2015] Roberto Etxeberria have come under a very different spotlight in the past week. Far from the runways of Europe where his autumn/winter 2013/2014 collection was originally shown, many garments from the designer’s collection can be seen on the streets of Panem in the blockbuster Hollywood film The Mockingjay Part 2, the last instalment of the hugely successful Hunger Games franchise.

In the film, Etxeberria’s wool, leather and fur outerwear is worn by many of the Capital’s residents in sweeping shots of the city, as well as lead actor Woody Harrelson [as Haymitch Abernathy] in the poignant final scenes. The insertion of Etxeberria’s costumes into the narrative arc of the film speaks to the historically significant role of fashion in moving image since its inception, with the costumes of each character and their respective districts reflective of social and cultural status. At the same time, it points to an interesting revenue stream for designers, looking beyond the traditional wholesale market to artistic projects that provide great opportunities for design experimentation and exposure. 

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