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Elizabeth Debicki stuns in Vogue Australia

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It's certainly not every day a girl finds herself frolicking through the outback in a strapless Christian Dior gown. But then, life has been anything but ordinary for Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki in the last couple of years.



It's one thing to find yourself on set with Leonardo DiCaprio and quite another to be in front of the lenses of Vogue magazine on a sheep station in central New South Wales (NSW). Debicki has managed both.

Naturally, the former led to the latter—being cast in Baz Luhrmann's box office smash The Great Gatsby is bound to attract the attention of Vogue Australia. Particularly if, like Debicki, you possess an ethereal beauty and stand over six feet tall... this 22-year-old is difficult to ignore.

Stepping as far away from Lurhmann's lush art deco interpretation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel as one could imagine, Vogue creative director Jillian Davison chose to capture Debicki amongst the 60,000 acre expanse of the Haddon Rig sheep farm near the town of Warren. The property is more accustomed to the company of award-winning Merino sheep rather than budding Hollywood royalty.

Shot by photographer Will Davidson, with Debicki standing among the sheep and shearers of Haddon Rig in clothes from French fashion houses, the images could almost be a metaphor for the young actress's life: she was born in Paris, moved to Melbourne as a child and professes an adoration for the Australian wilderness.

"I love the bush, I crave it," Debicki tells the magazine, recalling day trips as a youth to the country spent soaking up the scent of eucalypts and marvelling at the extraordinary sunsets.

And although her role as Jordan Baker, the love interest of the film's narrator Nick Caraway, is hurtling Debicki towards superstardom, she clearly has no qualms about getting her hands dirty. On location for the shoot, she had a crack at shearing some Merino sheep, telling Vogue: "It was really hard work, they buck around and are really heavy."

No doubt Debicki cast a more elegant figure than the shearing sheds of Haddon Rig are normally accustomed, baled up in European luxury labels teamed with the country gal's footwear of choice, Blundstone leather boots.

Given the extraordinary ride Debicki has had in the past 12 months, it's almost impossible to believe that The Great Gatsby is only her second film role, following on from the 2011 comedy A Few Best Men.

Still, such attention so soon into a career bodes rather well for her future endeavours. Dust, Dior, DiCaprio... it's all in a day's work for this emerging talent.

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