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Country Road film celebrates Australian wool

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For 40 years iconic Australian brand Country Road has been producing clothes which authentically reflect the Australian way of life. Committed to value and quality, Country Road uses the finest materials the world has to offer and so is able to showcase the versatility of Australian Merino wool throughout their collections.



Imagine, flying home in a light aircraft, seeing your father for the first time in months, your pet dog running up to as you embrace him with open arms, and the sound of a flock of sheep kicking up the dust in the paddock beside you.

This is a storyline which is true to the hearts of Australia’s large farming community.

“This place never leaves you; there’s a spirit to it like nowhere else. There’s an honest beauty that’s simple and easy...”

Iconic Australian brand Country Road has released a short film celebrating Australian wool and paying homage to the country at a grassroots level.

“…It’s always changing, but it’s always the same. Everything has its season, and its time.”

Australian actor Isabel Lucas stars in the film Life Through Wool which celebrates Country Road’s long-standing relationship with The Woolmark Company and the spirit and essence of the brand. The film pays tribute to the 50,000+ woolgrowers who live in Australia and pour so much heart and soul into the work they do.

The film focuses on beautiful moments on an Australian wool farm and the central relationship between a father and daughter. Lucas, a modern city woman, takes a trip back to the family home. Her character enjoys the beauty of the farm, the familiarity of home and reflective moments of stillness.

“…Life here follows natures; there’s a rhythm to it,” Lucas’s character says during the film.

Set on breathtaking Boonoke sheep station, a place in Australia steeped in history as the birthplace of Merino wool with stock bloodlines tracing back 146 years, the cinematography makes the most of a striking amber sky, vast horizons and whispering wind, shifting from evocative sun-drenched panoramas to breezy grasslands, and the dusk-lit meanderings of the young woman as she reconnects with her home.

Lucas said she enjoyed the tranquillity of filming in the Australian outback.

“Where we were shooting in rural Victoria it was just so beautiful,” she said. “The endless plains, old eucalyptus trees, amazing light (at dawn and sunset).

“Working with Country Road on the film was great fun and the team had a beautiful vision. It’s very important to me to support all Australian creations and Country Road appealed to me because they are so socially and environmentally conscious.”

Behind the scenes of 'Life Through Wool' Behind the scenes of 'Life Through Wool'


2014 not only marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic Woolmark symbol, it is also the 40th anniversary of Country Road. These two iconic brands both represent quality and have played integral roles in showcasing modern Australia within the fashion industry.

As a part of its 40th birthday Country Road will focus on its impressive history as Australia’s most-loved lifestyle retailer, while also celebrating its unrivalled standing today.

Since opening its doors in 1974, Country Road has stayed true to the values from which it was created – quality pieces, essential fashion and natural materials.

Country Road has worked closely with The Woolmark Company since 1980 to ensure their stringent standards are represented in all collections.

Country Road managing director Sophie Holt said the film was a celebration of the two brands.

“We are so excited to launch Life Through Wool,” Holt said. “We set out to produce a film that celebrated the beauty and light of the Australian landscape and the natural quality of wool – I think the piece captures this perfectly.”

Country Road’s commitment to the Australian wool industry – starting with the woolgrowers right through to the end consumer – has evolved into something which is vital in the work done by The Woolmark Company.

Life Through Wool will feature at cinemas throughout Australia, and at

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