Knitwear for the next generation

Jenny Kee talks about A New Beginning
(and literally jumps for joy)

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Drawing on her heritage while embracing the future, Jenny Kee is celebrating a second coming with her new knitwear range. Here, the legendary designer shows herself to be
every bit as effervescent as her designs as she shares her love of wool.

Just like the uplifting feeling triggered by her crazy colour palette, Jenny Kee’s bubbly personality is infectious. With her signature red glasses, matching lipstick and short cropped fringe, she is still the perfect advertisement for the Australiana-inspired knitwear she made popular in the 1980s. Now, a collaboration with The Woolmark Company is whipping up the excitement all over again.

“Working with Woolmark has been really, really amazing because I have the most beautiful wool,” says Kee in an up-close and personal chat about her latest knitwear range A New Beginning. Kee’s original designs have been given a fresh lease on life, using Australian Merino wool milled in Italy by Zegna Baruffa and digitally knitted by artisans in Hong Kong.

“The accumulation of all of that together just makes me incredibly happy because, actually, I’m Australian, Italian and Chinese. So it’s my whole heritage all in one big heart. It’s combining everything of who I am.” The result: knitwear for a new audience that makes her want to jump for joy. And “quality to last”.

Orignial Jenny Kee design

An original Jenny Kee design. 1985 Australian Fashion Design Book. Photo by Brian Morris.

See Jenny Kee talk more about her knitwear project here, or visit for more information.

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