Paul Smith's modern take on manstyle

Vogue and GQ in China feature Paul Smith with sharp Merino tailoring

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Vogue and GQ in China showcase the new Merino collection by legendary designer Paul Smith, with smart, city ready separates and classic suiting - for women as well as men.


Vogue in China is showcasing in its October edition the use of Merino wool by the ever-popular Paul Smith label for the Autumn/Winter 2014 season.

"I have always been a fan of natural fibres, so cotton for shirts and wool for the rest, is a good staple diet for a fashion designer," Sir Paul Smith states in the feature.

"Of course over the years since I started there have been lots of other new high tech fabrics that have arrived but I still tend to stick with my wool."

Paul Smith has a global fashion following, with a particularly strong presence in the Asian markets.

The Vogue China feature is titled Modern Woman and was shot amongst the iconic cityscape of Paris. It showcases six looks including wool coats, worsted suits, suit vests, and wool trousers.

Paul Smith and Modern Merino

"In his latest Fall Winter collection for women, Paul Smith combines the luxury of Merino wool with sharp 'Manstyle' tailoring to create a sexy new silhouette," Vogue states.

"Smart, city ready separates and classic suiting in a sombre colour palette show off the drape and lustre that only Merino wool can offer."

The complementary video features the models Sara Steiner and Sebastien Andrieu showing off Paul Smith's wool looks for women and men, with the sound of critically acclaimed English electronic music duo Mount Kimbie as accompaniment.

A two-page feature in the October edition of GQ in China also highlighted Paul Smith's Autumn/Winter collection, this feature focusing on menswear.

Paul Smith and Modern Merino

The Woolmark Company collaborates with leading names in the global fashion and media industry to position Merino wool as a natural, luxury fibre at the top end of the market. The collaboration with Paul Smith highlights his design philosophy of 'individuality' and affirms the place of Merino wool as a premium, innovative and versatile fibre.

"When one of the world's best designers, Paul Smith, works with the world's finest natural fibre to highlight the versatility of Merino wool, it affirms its position in the fashion arena," said Rob Langtry, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of The Woolmark Company.

The Woolmark Company, through its Merino Wool. No Finer Feeling™ campaign, works with many well-known designers and fashion houses, helping to promote Merino wool across the world - celebrating the natural fineness and luxury of the fibre. The initiative is a fibre advocacy campaign addressing a new, younger generation of astute shoppers - establishing Merino wool as the fabric of choice for fine, contemporary fashion.

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