Roland Mouret's colour therapy

The French designer launches Merino wool collection with Australian blogger Nicole Warne

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Hailing from a small French town at the foothills of the Pyrenees which is better known for its Catholic apparitions and pilgrimages rather than fashion design, Roland Mouret and his eponymous brand is now known in cities and villages across the world.

The son of a butcher, young Mouret was more interested in the apron and its drape rather than the cleaver, watching the folding of the butcher’s apron and learning to fold it to reveal a clean aspect, seeing the pattern of the blood on the white linen. He learned to cut from watching the way the skin of an animal is sectioned and divided with a knife.

It is these early memories which paved the way for Mouret, who went on to define the era of the iconic dress which became known worldwide by a single name.


With an international celebrity following from the likes of Victoria Beckham and Scarlett Johansson, it’s no wonder that fashion designer Roland Mouret has created garments which have assumed their own celebrity status. The Galaxy, Moon and Titanium – three dresses known world over by their one-word name need little introduction.

Now, the French-born London-based designer is launching a new collection, this time exclusively for Australian retail giant Myer and made from one of the world’s most precious natural fibres, Australian Merino wool. The eight-piece Woolmark-certified ready-to-wear collection features Mouret’s signature silhouettes including wool dresses, tops, TTD, trousers and skirt.

Never one to shy away from colour, Mouret has once again saturated this collection with bright blues, pinks, tangerine and green, highlighted more so by Merino wool’s inherent ability to hold colour, and the fibre also works with Mouret to show off his instinctive draping technique.

“Wool for me has the consistency of skin, it is warm and subtle. I have always loved working with Australian Merino wool because it has an amazing quality that allows it to drape and hang beautifully,” explains Mouret. “The capsule collection, for me, was about how to introduce wool to the red carpet and to everyday life.

“It’s about brightness, it’s about colour therapy, and it’s about shaping the body.”

The collection’s campaign is fronted by Australian model and entrepreneur Nicole Warne, famously known for her style blog Gary Pepper Girl, who is photographed in a grand house, draping herself over a fireplace mantelpiece and showcasing her distinctive je ne sais quoi love affair with the camera.

To celebrate the launch of his Australian Merino wool collection, Mouet will head to Australia for the first time and visit Myer’s Sydney and Melbourne stores in mid-July. The collection will also be available online from the relaunched

Part of Mouret’s trip to Australia and partnership with The Woolmark Company will see the designer sit on the judging panel for the 2014/15 International Woolmark Prize Australia regional final in Sydney, offering valuable insight and guidance to emerging Australian designers.

“Working with The Woolmark Company and Myer was a very organic process and an incredible pleasure,” says Mouret. "Woolmark has such an amazing organisational approach to wool sourcing; my team and I use it on a regular basis.

“I am looking forward to visiting Australia for the first time to launch the collection with Myer, as well as to judge the International Woolmark Prize.

“The lifestyle and creativity emerging from Australia is inspiring and continues to push boundaries, and I am happy to be a part of it in my own way. We’re living in a world where everything is linked and the necessity of woolgrowers’ profession is so important to people like me and the industry."

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