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Australian brand Bassike talks fashion and wool with Nick Wooster

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With a vision to create wardrobe staples with longevity, combining timeless style with premium quality and sustainable fabrics, Sydney-based fashion brand Bassike appeals to an easy-going, laidback consumer, which, according to Nick Wooster, is ready to take on the world.


"Bassike, for me, is that sweet spot between something utilitarian and something with a fashion edge,” explains Nick Wooster during his nine-day visit to Australia earlier this year as he entered into a strategic partnership with The Woolmark Company.

Tucked away on Sydney’s northern coastline at Palm Beach, the quintessentially Australian setting provides the perfect inspirational backdrop for Bassike.

“I think that Bassike has a really amazing total package: they have great visuals, the stores are beautiful and they have a concept that really speaks to the lifestyle here in Australia. And I think when they’re ready will be really portable to many places on the planet,” Wooster says from the Palm Beach studio.

With its natural, renewable and biodegradable properties, Merino wool fast became an obvious choice for Bassike, which started out working with organic cotton back in 2006.

“Wool’s an area that we’ve only recently, probably in the past three years, moved into,” says one half of Bassike Deborah Sams. “It was a natural progression for us to work with wool.

“Wool is an amazing fibre; it’s user friendly, it’s an Australian product and we really wanted to incorporate that into the range.”

Nick Wooster and Bassike

Speaking with Wooster, Sams and fellow co-founder Mary-Lou Ryan gained exclusive insights into the US apparel market as well as the global fashion industry.

“Just having him talk us through different elements of international business has really been an eye-opener for us; to have someone of that influence to take an Australian product back to the global world I think it’s great,” Ryan says.

Dubbed the “Alpha male of men’s fashion”, Wooster’s mammoth following, worldwide, makes him one of the most influential men on the fashion scene. With an illustrious career in menswear spanning more than 30 years he has rightfully cemented his place within this industry. A true believer of Australian Merino wool’s infinite potential, he gathered a wealth of farm to fashion knowledge on his tour Down Under and is now championing this premium fibre and the growers who produce it.

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