Vietnamese retailer Canifa launches wool line

And it's a sell-out in Hanoi`

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In front of 5000 industry guests and friends, Canifa sent models down the runway dressed top to toe in Australian Merino wool as the Vietnamese retailer launched its Autumn/Winter 14/15 Woolmark-certified collection in Hanoi.

Canifa autumn/winter 2014/15


Vietnam may seem like an unlikely place for wool apparel. Its tropical climate may resonate well with sun seekers and beach-goers, yet it’s often forgotten that in the north of this exotic and compelling country the mercury can dip to as low as 10 degrees Celsius.

In the country’s capital, winters can be equally as harsh as summers. Vietnam has rich textile industry but up until a few years ago many businesses had barely even touched wool. Yet as 2014 draws to a close there are now 53 Vietnamese companies working with Australian Merino wool and establishing a sustainable wool supply chain.

What sets Canifa out from the pack is that this manufacturer also doubles as a retailer, and in 2013 saw an opportunity to sell Merino wool apparel from its store in Hanoi.

Selling knitwear with Woolmark Blend certification, Vietnam’s first Woolmark Blend licensee sold out of stock and had customers begging for more.

Canifa autumn/winter 2014/15

With assistance from The Woolmark Company, and partnering with the winners of Project Runway Vietnam, Canifa has launched a full collection of Australian Merino wool garments, with both Woolmark and Woolmark Blend certification made with fine Australian Merino wool with a micron of 19.5.

“Canifa’s Woolmark-certified collection is a significant advancement for The Woolmark Company’s Out of Vietnam project, which was launched in 2012,” explains The Woolmark Company Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Rob Langtry.

“Initially launched to develop a sustainable supply chain in Vietnam and expand its current manufacturing sector, Canifa’s retail success extends far beyond the trade sector, opening doors to the consumer market and introduces Australian Merino wool to customers previously unaware of the fibre’s infinite potential.”


Natural, renewable and biodegradable, Merino wool boasts a range of natural benefits including breathability, next-to-skin softness, superb drape and timeless appeal. Loved by designers and brands worldwide, Canifa is the first manufacturer and retailer in Vietnam to produce Merino wool apparel for the domestic market.

The 53-piece collection comprises sweaters, cardigans, dresses, vests, skirts and scarves and was designed by the two winners of Project Runway Vietnam: Hoang Minh Ha and Ly Giam Tien. With 11 pieces made from 100 per cent Merino wool and labelled with Total Easy Care, Canifa’s Merino wool collection embodies minimalism with elegant style, creating pieces which transition office attire to elegant every day wear. Inspired by the soft and resilient fibre, the Canifa Wool Collection is a combination between nature and fashion.

Canifa autumn/winter 2014/15

“Canifa’s slogan is fashion for all, meeting the demands of consumers of all ages and for all occasions,” explains Canifa CEO Ms Doan Bich Ngoc.

“Thanks to The Woolmark Company’s introduction to wool in Vietnam, the domestic apparel market has seen some great changes, benefitting consumers with fashionable products meeting international standards.

“Canifa is honoured to be the first Vietnamese fashion brand certified to use the Woolmark and Woolmark Blend logos. The fashion show will launch the Australian Merino Wool collection, the first successful step in cooperation between Canifa and The Woolmark Company, bringing new opportunities for both Canifa and the Vietnamese textile industry.”

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