Vogue UK take wool back to nature

Photographer Yelena Yemchuk heads to the great outdoors

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Merino wool rests firmly on the designer fashion agenda, thanks to its natural versatility, eco-friendly attributes and infinite possibilities.


Returning to Nature 

Australian Merino sheep live on a healthy mix of sunshine, grass, air and water, and so it made sense to Vogue UK to photograph this eight-page fashion feature in the great outdoors. 

Photographed by internationally acclaimed fashion and music photographer Yelena Yemchuk, Back to Nature features a flock of sheep which places importance on wool’s origin and of the fibre itself.

And with Victoria Beckham, Alexander McQueen, Roksanda Illincic, Christopher Kane, J.W. Anderson and Stella McCartney all featuring and presenting their modern interpretations and versatility of Merino wool, Vogue UK is able to present the farm to fashion story.


Ethical Style

“No longer reserved for singlets and suits, Merino wool excels when explored.”

All garments featured capture Merino wool’s versatility across different pieces of knitwear, wovenwear, outerwear and next-to-skin apparel. The text used to complement the photographs expresses Merino wool’s natural properties, performance benefits and trans-seasonal usage, exemplifying the notion that style and ethics go hand-in-hand.

“Contemporary British designers know the virtues of a fabric that works with them as opposed to against,” the Vogue feature explains. “Offering unlimited fabric and design options, Merino handles like a dream when it comes to creating an end vision.”

As versatile as it is refined, Merino wool is adept at suiting any temperature: a waffle-knit jumper is an every season item that will keep you warm in the winter and cool come summer. Magic? No, Merino, says Vogue


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