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Football superstar Alessandro Del Piero promotes Merino wool

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The Woolmark Company has signed Italian footballing legend Alessandro Del Piero as an ambassador for its global Merino Wool. No Finer FeelingTM fibre advocacy campaign. Del Piero is the campaign's first sports-related ambassador, giving the campaign a fresh look and affirming the fibre's position in the sportswear industry.


Australian Merino wool has a new superstar on its team: Italian footballing legend Alessandro Del Piero.

Del Piero is the latest - and first sports-related - ambassador of The Woolmark Company's Merino Wool. No Finer FeelingTM global fibre advocacy campaign.

Adverts are being rolled out that feature the international football star and World Cup winner kicking goals for wool in a series titled 'Natural Talent'.

Del Piero kicks goals for wool

"When I wear Merino wool I feel comfortable. I feel right with myself, because I can do everything, I can go everywhere, it's great and I love it," states Del Piero on the adverts.

The images - photographed by renowned Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani, who shot to fame in the late-1980s and early-1990s with his infamous and controversial United Colors of Benetton campaign - aim to help bridge the gap between premium fashion, for which Merino wool is well-known, and high-performance activewear.

Del Piero kicks goals for wool

The adverts highlight the versatility of Merino wool and affirm its position in the sportswear industry as a high-performance fibre. Del Piero wears Z Zegna Sports Techmerino apparel and even plays with a ball of wool yarn, supplied by Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia.

Del Piero has one of the most illustrious careers of any footballer in the world, having played for Juventus in the Italian league for 19 years and scored a club record of 290 goals. He also played in three World Cups with the Italian national team, and was part of the team that won the 2006 World Cup. More recently, he played for Sydney FC in Australia.

Behind the scenes Behind the scenes


Del Piero's ambassadorial partnership with The Woolmark Company to promote Australian Merino wool is truly a case of the world's best natural talent meeting the world’s finest natural fibre.

"The collaboration between Woolmark and myself makes me feel very proud and honoured, because I have always been considered and seen in the eyes of other football players as someone with great natural quality, combined with hard work and great talent, and this is exactly what one finds in Merino wool, an incredible quality and a natural fibre," Del Piro said. "And so it is not only a great collaboration but it also goes well with who I am and this makes me particularly happy and makes me feel very close to Woolmark."

The Woolmark Company's Merino Wool. No Finer FeelingTM fibre advocacy campaign aims to inform a new generation of consumers and the fashion community - and now the sporting community - about the natural attributes and benefits of Merino wool. The campaign continues to establish Merino wool as the fibre of choice for fine, contemporary apparel.

AWI's Global Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Rob Langtry said the Italian superstar, who has a strong appreciation for fashion, will continue to strengthen the relationship between the Australian wool industry and the Italian fashion industry, highlighting the versatility of Merino wool and affirming the fibre’s position in the sportswear industry.

"Merino wool is well-placed to address the growing global trend of casualisation, producing dynamic fabrics ideal for active casual wear and blurring the boundaries with traditional premium fashion," Mr Langtry said.

"Educating consumers about the versatility of our fibre and its use in fine fashion, high-tech sports and casualwear is challenging, and who better to help us meet that challenge than the world's finest.

"Alessandro Del Piero's natural talent and familiarity with Australia will help us bridge the gap in consumers' knowledge and demonstrate what happens when the world's best natural talent meets the world's finest natural fibre."

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