Leading designers join the fleece academy

GQ celebrates Merino wool

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Grown on farms which have stayed in the same family for more than 100 years, Merino wool is a fibre that evokes much emotion and a rich story of provenance.


Celebrating Merino wool GQ style

British GQ celebrates Merino wool in its October edition, educating readers on the unique farm to fashion journey with more than 15 internationally acclaimed fashion designers.

E. Tautz, Jonathan Saunders, Richard Nicoll, Lou Dalton and Christopher Raeburn and other leading designers bring to GQ their strong focus on Merino wool for Autumn/Winter, celebrating the versatility, softness, resilience and performance benefits of Merino wool.

They are joined by fashion heavyweights Z Zegna, Paul Smith, Christian Lacroix and Johnstons of Elgin to endorse the natural beauty of the fibre for the Fleece Academy.


Fashion’s staple ingredient 

“Whether it’s next-to-skin garments, fine tailoring or robust outerwear, Merino wool is the designer’s choice.”

“When versatility, quality and performance are needed, fashion brands buy Merino wool… from farms that have stayed in the same family for more than 100 years. Human values, as much as climate and terrain, are the foundations of these industries, and Merino wool provides the staple ingredient for the global fashion arena,” explains GQ.  

The fashion feature gives readers an insight into how woollen fabrics are produced, with the stunning images shot against the backdrop of two English mills, in specialised industries passed from generation to generation producing high-grade cloth for leading designers. Shot on location at Spectrum Yarns and Taylor & Lodge in Huddersfield, the behind-the-scenes video hosted on The Woolmark Company’s YouTube channel and GQ’s website, shows a real-life mill in action.

And, with Merino wool being a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre, GQ reveals that as long as the grass grows, rain falls and sun shines, Australia will remain at the forefront of the global supply chain and fashion industries. 


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