The essential men’s accessories

The items you can’t live without – and how to wear them

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Accessories are a way for men to add some subtle – or, by contrast, rather bold – finishing touches to an outfit. Here, a practical list on the best Merino wool accessories for men and how to sport them.


As opposed to thicker, coarser wools, a beanie made of Merino wool offers lightweight and super-soft comfort with all the same warmth. Always match the colour of your beanie to your suit or jacket if it’s the weekend for a slick, streamlined look. Avoid sloppy, oversized styles in favour for more sleek fits. For a rugged, nautical look, wear your beanie close to the head with a fold at the edge.


The beauty of Merino wool gloves is their incredible comfort and softness belies their hardwearing nature. While some would recommend wearing gloves to match the colour of your jacket, neutrals such as camel and browns can add some flourish to an outfit. Otherwise, navy is a timeless colour that works in just about every sartorial situation.


Winter’s chill is the prime opportunity to use a scarf to add a pop of colour to an otherwise monochromatic season. Plum, dark green and navy are considered timeless colours that complement any outfit (particularly suits) but a bold, yet smart, check can also add some nuance. Lengthwise, a scarf should reach no further than the waist. This adds enough to wrap against the wind without adding unnecessary bulk.


Worn under daywear, Merino wool thermal wear offers additional support and insulation from the cold. Its natural properties draw moisture away from the body to keep it both comfortable and irritation-free. Thermals should fit close to the skin, snug enough to hug the body. Merino’s natural elasticity will guarantee that it retains its original shape.


A mandatory staple in any man’s wardrobe is the tie – several, each for different occasions. Merino wool might not the first material to come to mind when you think of ties, but its lightweight properties and unique texture, especially when knitted, make it an ideal fabric. Choose patterns in a shade that complements your suit. Or, to play on contrast, match it back with your pocket square. The length of the tie should never exceed your belt buckle, but a deliberately shortened version can work for a more casual look.


Hardwearing and resilient enough for daily use, Merino wool felt bags are perfect for work, carry-on luggage or even as gym bags. Merino is odour resistant, while their soft fibres mean that the bag can lay flat for storage. Discover the excellent collection from American accessories label Graf & Lantz.


Photography Graf & Lantz | Illustration Barry Allen Patenaude

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