The stylish man’s guide to business travel

Fly, land and hit the ground running with these first-class tips to travelling in style

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If there’s one thing M.J. Bale’s Brand and Marketing Manager Drew Hoare knows, it’s how to pack for a business trip. A seasoned traveller himself, he believes in lighter, wearable tailoring that’s easy-care with design integrity. It’s the philosophy Sydney clothier M.J. Bale was built on and the impetus behind its new Phifer suits, made with Australian Merino wool that has been treated at the milling stage to enhance the stretch and bounce back from a long-haul flight or lively night on the tiles. We asked Hoare to share more insider tips to taking off, here.

M.J. Bale’s Brand and Marketing Manager Drew Hoare

Prepare to take-off

What are the all-essential to pack for a business trip?

A deconstructed superfine Merino wool blazer with patch pockets is the perfect jacket for travelling – lightweight, functional and with an ability to bounce back straight off the plane. To go with that, a classic white spread collar shirt, and then one in a pale blue and white stripe. For the meeting, a classic two-button navy suit is the go-to.

Checking in luggage or stick to the carry on?

This will always depend on the length of your stay and the occasion. Sticking to carry on is naturally the most efficient, as you only have one bag to worry about, but always make sure you bring a suit bag with an extra suit for any mishaps that can occur on the plane (red wine, cheese and tomato juice can be the devil).

Best way to pack garments?

Lay your shirts flat with the back facing the ceiling. Fold the arms into the centre then fold the bottom of the shirt up towards the collar. Make sure to bring a suit bag to ensure your suit needs just a light steam when you arrive at the hotel. Ask the flight attendants to hang the suit where possible – don’t put the suit bag in overhead.

What are the on-board essentials?

A good book to read, multi-vitamins to hit the ground running off the plane, deodorant, hand-sanitiser, a toothbrush/toothpaste and a moisturiser as your skin dries out due to the enclosed space.

How to look like a business class pro?

Don’t let the class aspect blur perspective. A polite and friendly attitude will ensure you get the most value from the staff. After all, they are there to do a job and should be treated with respect.

Ultimate tip for coming off the plane fresh at the other end?

Drinking plenty of water helps a lot, as well as a good meal.

First thing to do when arriving at the hotel?

Besides hanging up your suit and having your shirt pressed, a good meal and a shower go a long way.

Top tip when travelling with multiple tech gadgets?

Set them all to the destination time and make sure you have enough pockets. Avoid leaving anything in the seat in front of you.

Best apps to use when travelling for business?

Currency exchange (for international travel) and a travel list app to make sure you haven’t forgotten an important pitch document. Also, the Passbook app is handy for keeping all your boarding passes in one place.

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