What to wear for a job interview

You’ve spied the job of your dreams – now it’s time to look the part

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First impressions do last, none more so than those made during a job interview. And one of the best impressions a man can make is with his suit. We’ve broken down in several easy steps the best way to dress for the job you want, whether for a creative industry or a more conservative one. 


In an ideal world, a tailored custom made to your measure is the perfect outfit for a job interview. But if budget or time is not on your side, off-the-rack options from Australian label M.J. Bale’s range of classic cuts or U.K tailors T.M Lewin in high quality Merino wool can look equally sharp, with minor adjustments easily made in store if needed.

Particular details to look out for to perfect the fit are making sure the shoulders finish where yours do; the length of the sleeve should finish where your thumb meets your wrist; and the front should fall smoothly, with no sign of gaping.


Making sure your suit is wrinkle-free and fresh is as mandatory as making sure there are no spelling errors in you CV. While suits made using Merino wool don’t need to be cleaned as often as other fabrics – wool is odour resistant, and the fibre naturally retains its shape – it does pay to give your suit a brush down a day or two beforehand to freshen it up. This also removes any stray dirt or hair and helps keep it in good condition in the long run. Of course, always iron your shirt. Even if you think it doesn’t need it.


Trends in menswear might be embracing more adventurous colour ways and patterns, such as Prince of Wales or windowpane check, but the striking simplicity of a grey or navy blue suit cannot be underestimated. Both colours have the benefit of being versatile enough to look completely professional in numerous industries. As far as shirting goes, white is all that’s required. It’s simple, classic and goes with everything.


For all the seriousness of an interview, choosing the right accessories can still be as subtle as adding personal flourish to your outfit. The trick is to be able show some restraint while still expressing your personality. Tonal ties, or a very subtle print, can add nice finishing touch. While socks can also be an opportunity to add a little colour, the general rule of thumb is to match them closely to your shoes.


Photography Courtesy of Chester Barrie | Illustration Barry Allen Patenaude

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