Altuzarra AW14/15

Fashion Details: New York Fashion Week


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Tapping into fashion's artisanal mood, Joseph Altuzarra explores craft and texture with his latest collection.


Raw Appeal

As if by some undefined law of physics, every so often the winds of change inevitably sweep through the fashionable consciousness, bringing with them a decisive shift.

And so it seems that after seasons of technical sports luxe and sleek minimalism, the overriding mood for autumn winter 2014/15 is a crafty and comfortable one. Joseph Altuzarra was among those exploring the softer side of style at New York Fashion Week: double-faced coats nonchalantly tied at the waist almost like glamorous robes; textured wool tapestries with a handmade, organic rawness; chic shearling coats with leather detailing.

And while most people tend to don muted tones to see out the winter, Altuzarra brought vibrant swathes of colour to brighten up the colder months. While there were plenty of dark and neutral shades to be had, cobalt, fuchsia and tangerine made their presence felt in a big way, often as a slash of boldness peeking through to break up the grey.

The in-your-face colour may seem somewhat at odds with, say, crafty patchwork panelling but as the designer himself - a Paris born New York resident - proves, good things come from mixing it up. 

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