Christopher Raeburn SS14

Runway Report: London Collection Mens


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The young British talent continues to explore the largely untapped potential of sustainability within the context of high fashion.



At just 31 years of age, it's quite clear that Christopher Raeburn represents a new generation of fashion designer. With a commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle, the British designer has had an eye on sustainability from the outset, railing against conspicuous consumption though his "Remade" philosophy - which famously sees him use repurposed military fabrics throughout his collections. Raeburn's approach to design garnered him an invitation from Estethica, the sustainability showcase of the British Fashion Council, to show at London Fashion Week in 2010.

"We've been able to use fine Merino throughout our desert-inspired collection to bring a completely new dynamic."
Christopher Raeburn

This year on the runway in London, Raeburn extended his eco-experimentation beyond re-appropriated garb to include modern, renewable fabrics in the form of Merino wool - a natural and renewable fibre - specifically using lightweight, summer grade Cool Wool throughout his spring 2014 collection.

"My personal favourites include our signature hoodie and new hybrid jacket," Raeburn says of his Cool Wool designs.

Dubbed 'Sandstorm', the collection took its inspiration from the desert, boasting lightweight layering and technological fabrics to showcase the designer's signature attention to detail. Dusty pinks, sandy yellows and khaki played to the theme, while the closing burst of blues appeared like an oasis… or was it a mirage?

Whatever it was, Raeburn found Merino wool to be a good fit with his eco-conscious aesthetic.

"Working with Cool Wool has been a fantastic experience," he said.


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