Christopher Raeburn SS15

Fashion Details: London Collections Men


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Fresh from winning the 2014 Menswear Brand Award at last month’s UK Fashion and Textiles UKFT Awards, Christopher Raeburn unveiled his Spring Summer 2015 collection at London Collections: Men.

Perfect for warmer climates, the collection contains super lightweight woven Merino wool fabrics in suit jackets, shorts and trousers, as well as knitted casual vests and hybrid hoodies.


As with all his collections, Christopher Raeburn’s Spring / Summer 2015 collection demonstrates an abiding commitment to re-invention.

This season he draws inspiration from "The Desert Boneyard" in Arizona – the breathtakingly beautiful spectacle of up to 4,000 military aircraft, carefully stored and awaiting reintegration or reappropriation.

The result is an innovative and playful take on modern menswear, an immersive world inspired by military aviation – reflected in the colours, fabrics and motifs for the season.

"For us there is a really clear link [between this season’s inspiration and the Christopher Raeburn brand] because we do a lot of sustainable fabrics, we do a lot of reusing, and it’s all about the provenance, having fabrics that really have a story behind them," Raeburn says.

These themes of renewability and provenance are shared by one of Raeburn’s favourite fibres: Merino wool.

Grown on farms which have stayed in the same family for generations, Merino wool is a fibre that evokes much emotion and a rich story of provenance. And Merino wool is a completely renewable fibre source, with Merino sheep producing a new fleece every year.



Raeburn has been working with The Woolmark Company, which has enabled a deeper exploration by him of soft tailoring for summer. 

The runway at London Collections: Men was awash with super lightweight woven Merino wool fabrics featuring in suit jackets, shorts and trousers, as well as knitted casual vests and hybrid hoodies.

Made from incredibly fine and lightweight Merino wool fibres, garments made from Cool Wool are the must have items for Spring/Summer and warmer climates.

"Spring Summer 15 will be our third season working with Woolmark and with Cool Wool specifically," Raeburn says.

“What we do with the company is quite innovative, so I really like to think that we’re doing something very different with Cool Wool and certainly something we’ll be exploring a lot more for this season."

"We’re proudly working with many of the best stores throughout the world; naturally the weather is remarkably different in each territory and Cool Wool works for all of them."


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