Fashion Details: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia


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Run sheets, coffee runs, sleep deprived, anxious, calm, stressed, music, test run, shoes, clothes, looks, photos, models, hair, make-up - Kahlo's to-do list, all before midday.



It’s 6am on the first full day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. The girls from Sydney-based label KAHLO appear cool, calm and collected six hours before they present their spring/summer 2014 collection on the catwalk at Sydney’s Carriageworks – a multi-arts centre housed in an old rail yard.

But before the grandeur of the show, before the lights come on and the girls walk the runway, there’s still last-minute preparation which needs taking care of.

Australian fashion label KAHLO was formed in 2011 and has quickly cemented its place as a regular at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. Distinguished by its simplicity and quality, beautiful form and finish, and its slightly androgynous edge, KAHLO is the creative vision of close friends Rachelle Sinclair and Fay Ogunbadejo.

The name KAHLO and the label itself embodies the own personalities of the designers and what they wish to portray in everyday life, distinguished by its simplicity and quality, beautiful form and finish, and its slightly androgynous edge.

Australian-made using only the finest materials sourced locally and from Italy and the United States, KAHLO’s collections feature trans-seasonal elements and a signature aesthetic of masterfully constructed yet wearable pieces.

Presenting their spring summer 2014/15 collection at Australian Fashion Week, The Woolmark Company was with Rachelle and Fay from the start of their day, following the designers to capture their emotions and anxieties, showing behind-the-scenes footage before, during and after their runway show.

“I’m glad it’s not raining,” says Rachelle a few hours before show time. “Hopefully it can hold out until our show and then we can have a thunderstorm and go to bed!

“I think running on a lack of sleep is probably the hardest part. About 11.30 last night I may have gone a little wild,” she jokes, recalling how they were up until the early hours of the morning putting the final touches on the collection.

“I think I got about four hours (sleep),” says Fay. “I usually need about eight-and-a-half or nine, otherwise I’m like the worst person in the world … so I think by midday I’m going to need a nap.”

As is often the case, the adrenaline – and caffeine - kicks in, and the girls are in full swing by the time they arrive backstage.

With 12 models, 24 looks and a big team backstage, The Woolmark Company captured the rage backstage, the frenzy, the problems and how these were overcome to present a spring/summer collection with attitude.

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