Prabal Gurung AW14/15

Fashion Details: New York Fashion Week


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From New York to Nepal, the designer's autumn winter collection seamlessly brings together a mix of influences.



Casting a creative net all the way back to his home country, Nepalese-raised Prabal Gurung drew inspiration from the people who inhabit the tiny south Asian nation. And with New York battling fierce cold in the midst of fashion week, who better to draw parallels between Manhattan and the wilds of the Himalayas?

Accordingly, Gurung's models rugged up in looks that were culturally caressed but also seemed perfectly suited to life in his adopted city. Scarves and wraps were draped across torsos, often layered over knitwear woven in ribbed, cable or waffle textures and, in one case, a medley of all three.

The wintry grey, white, black palette was broken up with the kinds of earthy orange and red tones one might expect to see in the villages of Nepal. Along with tapestry fabrics and rich textures, it all played to one of the season’s key emerging trends: craft.

Many of the looks were a mélange of influences and textures: chiffon sat next to chunky knits and draped dresses ended in an explosion of feathers. As the closing looks became more suited to the red carpet, the draping and wrapping themes remained but were given a glamorous encrusting of jewels.

Midway through proceedings, a streaker took to the catwalk clad in little more than a G-string, cape and crown. In that getup, he wouldn't stand a chance in the Nepalese highlands. The Prabal Gurung woman, however, could tackle them in complete style.

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