Richard James AW14/15

New Edwardians collection


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On Savile Row since 1992, Richard James was considered anti-establishment, but now is the so-called "New Establishment". The inspiration for his latest collection started with the '70s and teddy boys, and with a Richard James twist to include elements of the '60s and '50s.


New Edwardians

"Join us in paying homage to the striking, sharply-honed street-smart strut of the New Edwardians,' says Richard James.

The collection salutes the dawn of the dandy, the sharp-edged, highly stylised 1950s explosion of self-expression that shocked a nation and unleashed the brave, unbridled new world of British street style.

"Proud and provocative, the New Edwardians took their slick, sculpted look from the immaculate officer class and their tailors of late 1940s Savile Row and made it their own with a streak of urban attitude and piercing splashes of peacock colour. Suits were cut lean and trousers teasingly tight.

"The irresistible influence of the rampant, renegade rockers across the Atlantic with their tough, pared back look and merciless mien added a tough, underlying element of dark menace."

This is a distinct, cleanly defined collection with dark and deep base colours of chocolate brown, coffee, dark khaki and burgundy seamlessly spanning tailoring, knitwear and casual wear.

"Fabrics and suitings are warm and reassuringly soft and include beautiful wools," James says.

Merino wool shows its versatility in the collection. Virtually everything in the collection is made from wool, from knitwear to coatings - traditional looking winter-weight fabrics but lightweight and soft to the touch. There are superfine suitings, and Cool Wool weights taking winter through to spring.

A strong, clear sense of British heritage - discernible in the materials, clean cut and intrinsic character - resonates throughout.

Behind the scenes of the promotional video
London Collections: Men - Autumn/Winter 2014/15

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