Richard James SS15

Desert Rats collection


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The latest offering from Richard James contemplates the irresistible, all engulfing infinity of the Sahara desert in the company of a legendary band of men that effortlessly embodied those fine, defining British qualities of derring-do and dogged determination in the face of the most trying circumstances.

The SS15 collection from the Savile Row designer allows the Richard James man to stay cool in the heat of the moment, with lightweight Merino wool fabrics returning for yet another season.


Listen close my friends for the divine desert to call you…

By all means, come and see,

But, with eyes wide open tread slowly

Following the tracks of wise old desert rats…

Just like me.

Desert Rats, by Smoky Hoss

richard james

Desert Rats, according to Richard James, harks back to the year of 1938, when the world was in an uncertain place. The Desert Rats were sent forth to learn the lore of an alluring alien environment and its mystic, meandering tribes-people. Traversing the colour-flecked luminescence of the desert by day and the still, star-lit eternity of it by night, theirs was a study in respect and solicitous assimilation.

His spring/summer 2015 collection combines sharp, deftly detailed military precision in tailoring mixed with an easy-wearing, almost sporty feel. Strong, anchoring base colours of khaki, sand, olive beige and teal draw from the desolation of the desert, with pink, orange and cobalt adding pops of colour.

“As you’d expect with a collection taking inspiration from a band of Brits who knew better than most how to keep cool in the heat of the moment, Cool Wool is an essential part of it,” explains James.
Behind the scenes of the promotional video

Fabrics and suitings chosen allow the Richard James man to stay cool in the heat of the moment, and SS15 see James return to Cool Wool to achieve this. Even under the desert sun, Cool Wool fabrics allow for beautiful drape and are returning the spring/summer wardrobes on men’s fashion. As we saw last season, lightweight Merino wool fabrics feature prominently throughout the collection, not just in a traditional sense but in more casual wear too. Wool blends also appear in crisp, clean lines allowing for beautifully breathable garments.

London Collections: Men - Spring/Summer 2015

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