Richard Nicoll SS14

Fashion Details: London Collections Men


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The menswear designer steps back in time, channelling the groovy crowd of the discotheques of the 1970s for the latest evolution of his modern classicism.



"I approached my collection as if I had my own nightclub and all the boys were patrons of the club," Richard Nicoll says of his spring/summer 2014 presentation.

By incorporating lightweight Cool Wool throughout the collection Nicoll enhances his garments’ wearability through the warmer summer months. With a focus on simplicity and authenticity, Nicoll showcases Merino wool by bringing a relaxed youthfulness to his tailoring through sporty detailing.

"It was about making a classical suit into the contemporary and celebrating individualism through the way that it was styled together," Nicoll says.

By taking classic tailoring and giving it a modern interpretation, Nicoll brings his own fresh take to wool, a textile which he says is integral to his work as a designer.

"Merino wool is an important aspect of my collections," the English born, Australian raised designer says. "It anchors the collections with a modern elegance and authenticity and brings a complementary contrast to the more casual pieces to create a cool mashed and eclectic definition of modern style."

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