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A mish-mash of references shapes a new must-have suit


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With the introduction of wool tailoring and a new partnership for SS16, more than ever this eclectic Brit brand is proving a triple threat

Image credit: Ronald Dick

Mod Squad

NFL, Mods, vintage sportswear, Japanese woodblock prints, artist Kehinde Wiley and vintage reportage photography. “It’s never really just the one theme here at Sibling,” says Cozette McCreery, one third of the London-based design trio, known for its off-kilter concepts and cult-cool knits.

Up until now, that is. The colourful, just-the-right-side-of-kooky knitwear Sibling designers McCreery, Sid Bryan and Joe Bates have built their business on has taken a back seat of sorts this season. “It’s a hugely important part of what we do…But what’s really new and what we are most excited about is that we are doing tailoring for the first time ever.

A mood board showing Sibling's inspirations for SS16

Proper suiting,” is how McCreery describes it. “We’ve been thinking about doing it for quite some time and introduced a very low-key trouser shape for AW14 but wanted to find the right partner so that our first ever Sibling suit would, in the tradition of Sibling be the best we could offer.”

An International Woolmark Prize alumnus, Sibling turned to The Woolmark Company in the search for the right partner. “Whatever we work on, whether it’s Fair Isles or embellishment, we take our time to find the best factory or artist or fellow creative to make this happen…It has to be a good marriage for it to work and Woolmark came up trumps with suggesting Edward Sexton.”

The renowned London tailor turned out to be a perfect partner, bringing craftsmanship and expertise to Sibling’s ideas and enthusiasm. “Edward and his team have a real love of fashion, they really get us and have been so incredibly supportive and fun from start to finish.” While the partnership provided Sexton with the chance to revisit his experience of the Mod era, McCreery was able to revisit happy on memories of watching her father be fitted for his suits.

Sibling have teamed up with tailor Edward Sexton to design suiting for SS16
Image: Nick Leary Photography

The Sexton Sibling tailored pieces (2 suits and 3 pairs of trousers) are made using wool tonic cloth by Luxury Fabrics rather than a pure wool. “The inspiration for the suits was Phil Daniels in Quadrophenia and this fabric instantly screams Mod.” 

But despite this season’s love affair with tailoring, those iconic knits are still present, albeit in a lighter weight fine Merino for summer, and that signature mixed bag of inspirations is more intriguing than ever. Says McCreery: “In the end it’s about us having some fun on the catwalk.”

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