Tome SS14

Fashion Details: New York Fashion Week


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Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin first met at fashion college in Sydney. Just 19 years old at the time, they began to envisage building a fashion label together... one day.



Naturally enough, Martin and Lobo elect to showcase the label in their adopted city, using New York Fashion Week to show their vision for spring/summer 2014.

Although the pair looked to the late Cuban artist Ana Mendieta as their muse for the collection, it possessed all the hallmarks required of an urban New York glamazon: sleek, chic and wearable. The latter is a quality that Martin and Lobo strive to infuse into each garment more than anything else.

“We always put the audience, the woman, at the centre of the process rather than the end of the process,” Lobo says. “This is a brand that should be about women’s lives and should touch women’s lives and be a part of women’s lives. So the importance of putting women at the centre is immeasurable.”

But the functionality doesn’t come at the expense of beauty. Softness infused the collection through the use of delicate lace, gentle tiered ruffles and an almost Grecian pleated treatment, rendered for the most part in soft, muted nude and blush tones - with a smack of bold tomato for good measure.

The collection - and the buzz - has the sense of a label on the cusp, ready to break through in a big way. Martin’s experience with some of the biggest fashion houses in the world is also indicative of the level of ambition behind the label.

“That level of fashion is still really very much part of who we are and what we’ve experienced,” says Lobo. “It’s a hint of what will come for the future of Tome.”

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