Your quick guide to winter layering

Get the jump start on rugging up in three easy steps

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True, we layer to keep warm and for comfort. The original intention isn’t for any sartorial endorsement but piling on the wool layers increasingly equals bonus street cred, and we’re not ones to turn it down.

Layering lesson 101

1. For beginners, start with monochromatic layering; think tights, boots, a jumper, coat and scarf all in black and white. Easy enough, right? Visually, this lets the eye move seamlessly from head-to-toe without interruption. Upon closer inspection, the focus shifts to the different items of clothing: a shirt collar underneath a wool jumper, the cuff surreptitiously peeking out from under a jacket sleeve.

2. Play around with textures to create further interest too; a jacquard or brocade for a more whimsical take, or the addition of high-shine surfaces for a sleeker, more polished effect. Getting more comfortable now? Try to mix up patterns and styles of clothing; a printed blouse underneath a bomber jacket is a wearable take on the sportswear trend.

3. Consider layering as a way to manipulate the silhouette of your outfit. A shirt or sweater tied around your waist helps to re-shape, while a bulky scarf wrapped multiple times around the neck can add volume, balancing out proportions below. And the best part: layering is trans-seasonal, so as the weather shifts, so too can your look.

Photo top: Timur Emek, Getty Images

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