A guide to dressing toddlers

When it comes to dressing toddlers, comfort and practicality are key

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When it comes to dressing toddlers, clothing needs to be resilient enough to withstand their daily adventures while still presenting a fun, playful aesthetic. Here is an easy guide to help make purchasing clothes for your toddler that little bit easier.


Consistent sizing in toddler clothing can be somewhat difficult. For example, European sizing is generally based on how tall children are whereas some brands base it on age groups. Keeping a tape measure on hand will help keep track of your child’s actual measurements. Charts that convert inches to centimetres and explain the sizing groups can make both online and in-store purchasing easier.


While some may suggest that buying larger allows kids to grow into their clothes, most children tend to wear their clothes in by the time they actually fit. Instead, choosing clothes that fit but are made from hardwearing fabrics such as Merino wool will guarantee longer use. Merino wool won’t require as much washing as other fabrics, further prolonging their lifespan.

Toddlers are incredibly active – they climb, they crawl and can find themselves in any number of curious situations. It’s important, then, to choose clothing that can hold up against these adventures. Merino wool’s natural elasticity makes for clothing that is resilient enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

Soft and sensitive

Toddler’s skin, just like babies, is incredibly sensitive and a large bulk of toddler’s clothes is made using synthetic fabrics. This may seem like the more economic choice at the time, but investing in hardwearing natural fibres will not only last longer but also have the added benefit of being healthy for the skin.

Breathable, soft and therapeutic, especially for eczema sufferers – superfine Merino wool is a wonder fibre with numerous benefits making it the ideal fabric for children.

Discover more about why superfine Merino wool is good for skin in The Woolmark Company’s latest clinical studies.

Simple and easy

An often-overlooked feature when choosing toddlers’ clothing is to pick garments that are also easy for them to put on themselves. Fostering independence is an integral part of growing up and toddlers are at that age where they want to do more things for themselves, including getting dressed.

Pants that have elastic waists, comfortable sweaters in fabrics such as Merino that have a natural elasticity are perfect for these occasions being easy staples they can pick out themselves in the morning.

This may see some interesting choices in colour and patterns in their outfits, but it’s also a fun way to let your child express themselves.


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