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When it comes to choosing a onesie, Merino wool is best for your baby

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The skin of a newborn baby is incredibly sensitive, so it’s important when choosing basic clothing such as onesies that you find ones that will keep them snug and warm without irritation. The remarkable properties of superfine Merino wool make it the perfect fabric to use for onesies. From aiding better sleep production to greater stain and odour resistance, choosing onesies made using Merino wool is an investment in the health and happiness of your baby.


Onesies are an essential garment for babies, with newborns spending the majority of their time in one. Because of their all-over warmth, they can often double as pyjamas.

It’s wise to invest in onesies that both come with and without feet. This will help as the baby begins to grow, sometimes still fitting into the suit except for the feet. Onesies without feet are also less slippery for an older baby who is learning to walk.

Because they spend so much time in them, it’s important to choose a fabric that won’t irritate the skin but is resilient enough to endure some hard wearing.


Breathable, soft and therapeutic for the skin, especially for eczema sufferers – superfine Merino wool is a wonder fibre with numerous benefits making it the ideal fabric for a onesie.

Babies aren’t able to adapt to temperatures in the same way as adults and lose heat rapidly. Because Merino wool creates a more stable microclimate against the skin, it provides gentle yet effective protection against the cold and reduces the risk of overheating.

It also has the unique ability to absorb moisture vapour and release this back into the air. This helps prevent your baby from getting clammy or suffering sweat rashes.

Unlike other fabrics, including standard wool, superfine Merino wool’s soft and silky  texture, together with its moisture management ability help prevent itching, rashes, and are perfect to use for babies suffering eczema or allergies.

One often-overlooked detail is Merino’s natural fire resistant quality. In fact, Merino wool is so fire resistant that firefighters often use it in their own protective gear.

Discover more about why superfine Merino wool is good for skin in The Woolmark Company’s latest clinical studies.



One of the most important things about choosing onesies – and any garments for your baby – made from Merino wool is their resilience. Spills and mess are part-and-parcel with newborns, so it’s important that mums and dads know their baby’s clothes won’t break under pressure.

Superfine Merino wool is not only hard-wearing enough to be thrown straight into a machine wash, some are even designed to be tumble-dried, a much-sought-after feature for time-poor parents. Every Merino wool fibre has a protective outer layer that resists dirt and helps prevent stains being absorbed, so parents don’t need to stress during particularly messy dinnertimes.


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