Better for Baby: Merino Wool Muslin Blankets and Swaddles

aden + anais takes luxury to the next level

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Paving the way in modern baby care, aden + anais combines Australian Merino wool with their signature muslin weave to create the first ever 100 per cent Merino muslin product.


When Raegan Moya-Jones became pregnant with her daughter Anais, she went on the hunt for the muslin blankets used by so many Mothers in her native Australia. Unable to find any in the USA, she put on her thinking cap and the baby and lifestyle brand aden + anais was born.

“I started aden + anais in 2006,” Raegan explains. “When I became pregnant with Anais I went looking for muslin blankets that were so common back home in Australia and I was surprised not to be able to find them in the US.”

Since then, aden + anais has become a global brand found in thousands of stores across 65 countries.

Now, in partnership with The Woolmark Company, aden + anais has combined their award-winning muslin weave with Merino wool to create a uniquely luxurious Merino muslin fabric - the ultimate in softness and breathability for your baby.

“Over the years we’ve become the true innovators of muslin and I started to think about what other fibres would work with our signature muslin weave. The combination of the natural Merino wool and our muslin weave is the ultimate in luxury and breathability.

“Australian Merino wool is the perfect fit. It’s natural, it’s breathable and combined with our muslin weave it’s one of the finest fabrics I’ve ever felt.”

Available from aden + anais stockists worldwide and online at, the new Pure Merino Muslin Collection features a swaddle blanket, sleeping bag, a dream blanketTM and a security blanket. Individually hand-dyed, each product comes in a variety of colours and in a keepsake box with built-in picture frame to house your favourite baby photos – the perfect way to preserve the luxury products and cherished memories from your baby’s first years.


Let your children experience the preciousness and softness of fine Australian Merino wool – a natural fibre grown on the simple mix of sunshine, grass, air and water under the vast Australian sunny sky.

Wrap your loved one in Merino wool and discover how this high-performance fibre is luxuriously soft yet resilient, easy to care for and 100 per cent natural and renewable.

Merino wool is naturally breathable, making it an efficient temperature regulator, keeping your baby warm in winter and cool in summer. It is also soft and smooth on the skin, keeping children well-protected and comfortable all year round. It works by absorbing moisture vapour next to the skin to help children feel dry and less clammy. When the vapour evaporates, it maintains a constant, comfortable temperature.

Parents will also appreciate that Merino wool is naturally fire-resistant and UV-protectant. Merino wool is also naturally odour and stain resistant; every fibre has a protective outer layer that resists dirt and helps prevent stains being absorbed. And, to help take the chore out of doing the laundry, each aden + anais merino muslin product is machine washable – making the Pure Merino Muslin collection a sensible choice.

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