Celebrity strollers come to Australia

Beckham favourite Bugaboo visits the source of wool accessories

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Loved by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Gwen Stefani, Bugaboo strollers are often seen by many as a fashion staple designed to last. Now, the Dutch brand has brought wool into the mix, releasing a range of 100 per cent Australian wool accessories. Designed to let little ones travel in comfort and style, the Bugaboo Wool Collection protects children from both the warmth and the cold - just as wool does for sheep.

Keen to learn more about the key ingredient in its new collection, Bugaboo came to Australia to visit a farm and learn more about the natural, biodegradable and renewable fibre.



Desperate to experience where wool comes from and how it is produced, Dutch mobility brand Bugaboo has travelled to Australia to feel and see first-hand the fineness, softness and luxuriousness of the precious wool fibre.

Bugaboo Chief Marketing Officer Madeleen Klaasen visited one of Australia’s largest wool producers, Lal Lal Estate in Ballarat, a regional town in Victoria which has a rich history of producing fine Australian wool.

“We really wanted to see where it (wool) comes from – to see and touch and feel first-hand wool at the source,” explains Madeleen.

The provenance tour also showcased the recently released Bugaboo Wool Collection – a range of 100 per cent Australian wool accessories – which was the result of a collaboration between Bugaboo and The Woolmark Company. Madeleen believes the partnership between the two iconic brands works so well because of the passion for quality each company shares.

“Bugaboo has enjoyed the authentic story and provenance of Australian wool; it fits perfectly with the performance, functionality and style of our brand.

“To be here (in Australia) really feels like this is why we do it.

“What has attracted us to use this natural fibre has been the health and wellbeing benefits, the softness of the fibre and the longevity of Australian wool as proven by The Woolmark Company.”



Australian wool producer Geoff Fisken is a fifth generation Australian woolgrower. His great-great-grandfather left Scotland for Australian shores in 1846 at the ripe old age of 17.

Bugaboo CMO Madeleen Klaaseen with Ambassador for The Woolmark Company and Australian personality Catriona RowntreeBugaboo CMO Madeleen Klaaseen with Ambassador for The Woolmark Company and Australian personality Catriona Rowntree

Geoff and his wife run Lal Lal Estate, a historic 5000-acre sheep farm in country Victoria, and played host to Bugaboo’s Australian visit.

“The pleasing aspect for us as growers is that our production, on farm, ends up in something that is a really great product to be able to use for children, for families to be able to use it for babies,” explains Geoff. “What a great story.

“That’s what farming is about, that’s what we do; we pass things down from generations and the sheep are the same, they’re generational. Wool, we see as long-term, it’s renewable and that’s great.”

Passing things on from one generation to another is something which Madeleen says Bugaboo holds very close to its heart.

“For us, it’s very important that we build our strollers to really last for years – that one generation can use it but the next generation can,” she says.

“That’s why we believe the partnership works. It needs to come from real passion and real dedication for the product. I think that it’s an amazing fit because it’s all about quality; it looks amazing, feels amazing.

“This is why we like working with Woolmark and you (woolgrowers) – we also want to have the best quality for our product.”

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