Cute comfort: Merino wool for children and babies

Comfort and resilience are key for clothing and protecting children and babies, qualities inherent in Merino wool

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Children’s and baby clothes need to be both hardwearing and gentle on the skin. They have to be comfortable to accommodate a child’s natural propensity to run and explore while still protecting them from a chill or overheating, the latter being of particular concern to babies.

A natural fibre such as Merino wool is the perfect solution, offering protection from the elements but also resilient enough to last the wash-and-wear lifestyle that comes with being an active child. Here are just a few reasons why an increasing number of designers and brands are turning to Merino wool to create clothing and accessories such as blankets for children and babies.

Wool baby clothing

Hard-wearing, easy-going

Garments made from Merino wool are an investment for time-poor or simply efficient-minded parents, as many Merino wool garments or blankets are machine-washable. Simply turn the garment inside out and follow the wash instructions to maintain the quality of the garment.

Merino wool’s resilience also translates into withstanding daily wear and tear. The natural elasticity of the fibres means that the fabric readily reverts to its original shape while moving easily with your child as they go about their adventures. 

Breathing easy

Keeping children comfortable, yet protected, is of high concern to parents and one of the main features of Merino wool is its ability to respond to changes in temperature, creating a comfortable micro-climate between body and garment or bedding.

Merino wool’s breathability allows it to absorb and control moisture vapour, another property helping create a comfortable micro-climate to keep babies warm in cooler temperatures and cooler in hot.

All natural

Merino wool is not only naturally hypoallergenic, meaning that it is unlikely to irritate the sensitive skin of babies and young children, but the fibre’s ability to absorb and lock away the odour molecules from sweat (only to be released upon washing) helps prevent odours from collecting within the fabric.

Superfine Merino wool is incredibly comfortable and won’t itch. Its breathability, as noted, makes it perfect for treating conditions such as heat rash and eczema.

Merino wool also offers the perfect solution for families concerned about their environmental impact. Because it is biodegradable, Merino wool will eventually break down, turning into vital nutrients that will help fertilise the soil.


[Photo Top] Credit: AlenaPaulus

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