Dressing for girls: a guide

When it comes to dressing girls, comfort, practicality and a little bit of fun are key

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If choosing your own daily outfits wasn’t already a headache, being a parent also means dressing at least one other smaller, often headstrong, version of yourself.

Brightly coloured, patterns and frills – it can be tempting to choose girl’s clothing more for its aesthetics than its practicality. And while we may secretly like to have the wildly aspirational wardrobe depicted in the amusing Pinterest account My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter, all it takes to create a stylish wardrobe for a girl is the smart blending of simple staples and the occasional fun item.


Little girls can be as adventurous, curious and active as boys and it’s important to girl’s clothing that allows them to act on these impulses. Start by choosing undergarments in natural fibres such as Merino wool. This not only keeps your daughter warm in the cooler months, but in summer will help her stay cool and fresh by moving moisture vapour away from her body.

Similarly, tights are a wonderful way to provide extra warmth in winter. Tights made with superfine Merino wool will help regulate warmth without overheating. Merino wool is also odour and stain resistant – perfect for withstanding the daily rigours of childhood.


A staple in any little girl’s wardrobe, dresses are a wonderful all-year-round garment. Pinafores, or tunic dresses, are particularly popular for their comfort and ability to layer over different garments. In summer, they make ideal sundresses when teamed with a t-shirt or singlet and sandals. In winter they can be layered over sweaters and stockings to keep them cosy and comfortable.

Choosing dresses made in Merino wool will also guarantee their versatility, being able to be worn in both winter and summer. Its moisture vapour absorbing qualities will help keep your daughter cool and comfortable during warmer months while protecting her from the cold in the winter.


Many sweaters on the market today are made using synthetic blends. Choosing natural fibres such as Merino wool can keep your daughter warm but do so without overheating. Merino wool, in particular, is ideal for layering as it is incredibly lightweight.

Colourful, but sensible

Bright shades of pinks and purples can make for a fun wardrobe but this needs to be tempered by a range of sensible staples. Prints such as gingham, plaid and nautical stripes or colours such as navy aren’t just for boys. Used in girl’s clothing, they make for simple and elegant garments that can be easily worn all year round in all manner of situations.


Protection from the cold, the heat, the sun – children’s clothing serves the dual purpose of fun expression and a protective barrier against the elements. Girl’s clothing made using Merino wool has the added benefit of UV protection. Merino offers high natural UV protection compared to many other fibres including cotton, linen and viscose.


Photography South Agency | Illustration Barry Allen Patenaude

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