Introducing Woolmark Nurture

New brand for Mothers & Babies

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Young lives are precious, and Merino wool helps to protect and care for your loved ones in a natural, safe and comfortable environment.


Protect, Nurture, Love

We all want our children to grow up in a protected, loving and nurturing atmosphere, and that’s why The Woolmark Company – under its Mothers and Babies program – launched a new brand called Woolmark Nurture.

As the name suggests, Woolmark Nurture applies only the finest Woolmark-certified materials. The diameter of the Merino wool fibre in certified products has an upper limit for each product category to ensure products are comfortable for babies. For example, the upper limit for next-to-skin apparel is 18.5 microns - put this into perspective by knowing that human hair averages a micron of 45 to 80!

Whenever you see products right around the world with the distinctive Woolmark Nurture swing tickets and labels, you can rest assured that you are purchasing a quality product that will be gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin.


Anne Geddes and Woolmark Nurture

Famed photographer Anne Geddes has produced a stunning image in support of the new Woolmark Nurture brand.

The image, shot in true Anne Geddes style, takes the internationally recognised Woolmark symbol recreated out of pink wool top and features a young baby sleeping peacefully, curled up inside the skein-like shape. It represents everything that Woolmark Nurture and Anne Geddes are about – the underlying belief that all children should be protected, nurtured and loved.

“I’ve been working with babies for 30 years and one thing I have learned is that unless you make them really comfortable you won’t get the results you want,” Anne said. 

“To be photographing with wool, which is such a natural, breathable, soft fibre is perfect for newborns and just worked for me in every way.”  


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