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Get prepped for the outdoors this season with Bugaboo's exquisite and luxuriously soft Wool Collection, containing three all-new irresistible wool accessories. 


Functional style

The seed was planted in 1994, when Design Academy graduate Max Barenbrug and physician Eduard Zanen tried to sell their stroller design, but to no avail. The design was ahead of its time.

Max and Eduard decided to go at it alone and in 1999 Bugaboo was born and started life as a small start-up when the Bugaboo Classic appeared on the streets of the Netherlands and became an instant success. Over the next decade the Dutch design and mobility brand grew to become a global player, and today Bugaboo products are available in 50 countries worldwide, employing more than 1000 people. Bugaboo strollers are celebrated by parents worldwide because of their smooth ride, ease of use and lasting performance.

It is Bugaboo’s goal to develop mobility products that increase freedom of movement and ensure that everyday obstacles are no longer a problem, bringing revolutionary, iconic products to the market.

“The function of a Bugaboo product must never clash with its styling – and styling must never interfere with its performance,” says Max. “Only when function and form are in harmony will Bugaboo release a new product.”

After collaborations with the likes of Marc Jacobs, Paul Frank and Italian fashion house Missoni, Bugaboo remains committed to innovation and excellence in design. And with the use of high-quality fabrics high on the brand’s agenda, it seemed only a natural fit for Bugaboo to be introduced to Australian wool.


A natural fit

“We are very proud of our partnership with The Woolmark Company,” says Eduard. “At Bugaboo, we love to work with high-quality materials and the opportunity to include wool in our accessory collection was a natural fit.”

“The function of a Bugaboo product must never clash with its styling – and styling must never interfere with its performance.” Max Barenbrug, Bugaboo co-founder

Bugaboo has developed lavish eye-catchers carrying the Woolmark symbol that we’d all love to cuddle up to, and best of all, the new wool collection is natural, comfortable and stylish!

For the campaign launch of its new Bugaboo Wool Collection, the mobility brand joined forces with internationally renowned artistic duo Scheltens & Abbenes in bringing the natural comfort of the products to life. Acclaimed for meticulously arranging objects into configurations that have a strong two-dimensional or graphic character, Scheltens & Abbenes have superbly captured the softness and luxurious feel of the wool accessories in stunning photography artworks.

The Bugaboo Wool Collection consists of three all-new wool accessories: 

The easy-to-wash Bugaboo Wool Seat Liner with reversible use has 100 per cent pure wool on one side and a grey melange knitted cotton jersey on the other. 

The long-awaited Bugaboo Wool Blanket. The soft blanket is made of 100 per cent extra-fine Merino wool and is available in three colours: grey melange, rose and ivory. The blanket has an easy-care finish that makes it machine washable and suitable for tumble dry.

The Bugaboo Wool Mattress Cover, available from February 2014, offers true comfort for babies with its cover top consisting of grey melange 100 per cent extra-fine Merino wool. The one-size-fits-all mattress cover can be used in all Bugaboo strollers that have a carry cot. 


Why wool?

Merino wool is naturally breathable making it an efficient temperature regulator; it is soft and smooth on the skin keeping children well protected and comfortable all year round. It works by absorbing moisture vapour next to the skin, keeping children dry and less clammy. The vapour then moves away and evaporates, helping maintain a constant, comfortable temperature. 

Merino wool is also naturally fire resistant and won’t melt and stick to the skin. Every Merino fibre has a natural protective outer layer that resists dirt and helps prevent stains being absorbed; and many Merino wool products can be safely machine washed and tumble-dried making it a sensible choice for children’s clothing, bedding and stroller accessories.


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