Meet the Woolgrowers

From Australian farms to aden + anais

Baby Talk

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Wrap your children in love with Australian Merino wool – a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre. Grown in Australia by dedicated woolgrowing families who make Australian Merino wool the natural choice for your family.

Now, babycare innovators aden + anais has taken luxury to new heights, combining its signature muslin weave with premium Australian Merino wool.


Parents want only the best for their children, and aden + anais’ new Pure Merino Muslin collection provides the ultimate indulgence for babies. Creating the first ever 100 per cent Merino muslin products, the new aden + anais collection combines innovation with style and uses one of the world’s finest fibres known to man.

But before these beautiful Merino muslin products became swaddles, sleeping bags, security blankets and dream blankets, they started out as fleece on a Merino sheep’s back somewhere in the vast land of Australia.

Nestled amongst the giant gum trees of the Australian state of Victoria, on fertile soils and breathing in the freshest air sits ‘Bochara’, a family-run woolgrowing property near the town of Hamilton.

‘Bochara’ is run by Bernie and Linda Hair along with their son Matt. Together, this family produced some of the high-quality Merino wool which was bought by aden + anais to create its new Merino muslin collection.

A retired policeman, Bernie has slowly been building his flock since 2007 and these days enjoys taking care of his 1100 sheep rather than the often tense job of working as law enforcement.

Bernie and Linda Hair with their son Matt (front) and pet lamb Southy.

Many of 50,000+ Australian woolgrowers rarely ever learn where their beautiful fleece ends up. Yet, by examining quality assurance and sale documentation, The Woolmark Company was able to trace the very source of the latest aden + anais Merino products.

“It really is special learning where your wool ends up, particularly when it makes such wonderful products such as these,” Linda says as she clutches an aden + anais Merino Muslin blanket.

“When he was a baby, our son Matt slept with wool and it kept him perfectly warm and comfortable. Now, as a young man, it’s great having him help grow the fibre.

“I’m afraid he is under a bit of pressure to deliver a baby for these blankets now,” she laughs.

“We might not have a baby yet, but our pet lamb Southy seems very much at home wrapped in the blanket,” says Bernie. “He and his mother may very well have produced some of the fine wool which was used to make it.”

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