The basics of baby clothes

Quality, comfort and style are key in choosing clothes for your baby

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Shopping for baby clothes can be equally exciting and nerve-wracking. Negotiating the desire to choose garments that are fun and fashionable but at the same time are of good quality and, most importantly, comfortable is something all parents experience.


A growing number of luxury designers have begun to venture into the baby clothes market, offering modern baby outfits of impeccable quality. Brands such as Burberry, Chloé, Maticevski and even the inimitable Karl Lagerfeld have released their own lines of baby and children’s outfits.

Websites such as the Paris-based Melijoe and AlexandAlexa in London have become style meccas for parents seeking out designer baby clothes that come with all the prestige of luxury brands reinterpreted for babies and children.

Both sites answer a growing need for baby’s clothing that, while still youthful, veers away from the typical outfits that dominate the market. Instead, they  offer sophisticated design that comes with the heritage of the brand such as t-shirts emblazoned with teddy bears in Burberry’s iconic check.


The Woolmark Company has collaborated with a number of designers to create practical baby clothes that are both ethical in their production and aesthetically pleasing.

In 2014, American label and leader in the market on baby’s clothing aden + anais announced a partnership with The Woolmark Company to produce a range of luxury Merino muslin products including blankets that would have the benefits of both wonderous fibres.

In a similar collaboration, The Woolmark Company has teamed up with Chinese label Labi to create a line of vivid and delightful garments for children using pure Merino wool.

These collaborations highlight the growing market of parents seeking to dress their babies in garments of guaranteed quality and safety using renewable fibres.


Quality, safe and natural – these are just three of the things promised when you buy clothing that has The Woolmark Company’s certification. When parents choose baby’s clothing that comes with The Woolmark Company’s certification, they know that they are getting garments that have been rigorously tested to meet the highest standards before reaching the store shelf.

The Woolmark Company has produced a set of clearly defined product specifications, divided into product types. The diameter of the Merino wool fibre in certified products has an upper limit for each product category to ensure products are comfortable for babies. The Woolmark logo signifies to parents that the product they are buying the best possible quality for their baby.


Photography Numbeos | Illustration Barry Allen Batenaude

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