Like Mad Men? Love this chair

Workshopped teams up with Australian icon Tony Parker to revive a sixties classic 


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If you can see yourself reclining Don Draper style, then the #131 Lounge Chair just may be the seat for you. Championing Australian design, the reimagining of an original Tony Parker design, made locally and using wool upholstery and timber, results in a modern classic.

Please be seated

Craft and quality define Tony Parker Furniture

The name Tony Parker, for many, represents classic design, quality craftsmanship and value for money. So, when Workshopped (the Surry Hills-based company exhibiting, manufacturing and retailing Australian and New Zealand design) was approached by Covemore Designs (the brainchild of a small group of ex-Parker Furniture employees who decided to start a Parker Furniture refurbishment service back in 1997) to investigate the opportunity of a partnership in bringing a classic 1960s Parker furniture piece back to market, the decision was a no-brainer. 

“Working directly with Tony Parker, now 84, has been an honour and thrill for all of us,” says Workshopped’s Raymond Scott. “Tony has been instrumental in considering his classic pieces in the modern context – using new finishes and creating bespoke pieces to order based on Tony Parker classics.” 

First produced for market in 1963, the #131 Lounge Chair forms a companion to the similarly chic 132 Lounge. Solidly constructed and with a clean architectural line, the chair and lounge were designed to suit both residential and commercial contexts, and the classic shape provides the perfect showcase for quality wool fabrics, both plain or boldly patterned. 

Wool products are a feature throughout the designs Workshopped offers, some very innovative, others inviting. “Wool is a fabric that epitomises function and form,” says Scott. “It’s beautiful, durable, functional and, importantly, it’s very versatile. The fabulous aspect of wool is that it can reflect different moods and seasons – warm, cosy, homely, clean, crisp, cool, modern.”

Workshopped exhibits, manufactures, wholesales and retails Australian design products.

Sustainable and long-term furniture solutions are the backbone of Scott’s business, making the wool-covered Parker pieces a perfect fit. “As a society we’re becoming more conscious and appreciative of products and furniture that are well made and likely to last. Tony Parker furniture is made in Australia, using solid timber and quality timber veneers – and has always been made to last.”

And although Scott stresses that Tony Parker pieces survive fashion trends, he can’t help but refer to the current craze for ’60s styling. “The 131 looks sharp, and creates a furniture focus in any space. If you’re looking for that Mad Men look – look no further!”

Tony Parker #131 from $2300 plus fabric, available from

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