The benefits of Merino wool for babies

Choosing bedding and decorative items for your baby’s room


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When choosing bedding and decorative items for your baby’s room choose materials that can be washed regularly without wearing out while also feeling soft on their skin and not causing irritation. Merino wool bedding has so many benefits that will keep your babies and children comfortable and even help them to sleep better.

Won’t irritate

The fibres of superfine Merino wool are soft to touch so won’t irritate or scratch a baby’s sensitive skin. Babies’ skin is also cared for with Merino wool, thanks to its natural non-allergenic properties, . A study by the Queensland Institute of Dermatology (QID) found that superfine Merino wool will not only, not irritate the skin but help in the treatment of conditions such as dermatitis.

Sleep safe

A key concern for parents is keeping their children warm and comfortable as they sleep whilst also being safe. Merino wool’s excellent breathability also allows it to absorb moisture vapour and react to your babies body temperature helping keep them warm on cold nights and not overheat when it is warm. This will also help to prevent heat rash, which can be a key concern with babies.

Sleep better

A study by the University of Sydney found that babies slept for longer in both hot and cold conditions, when using wool bedding and sleepwear. Studies have also shown that wool fleecy underlays will help sleepers to be more settled and have an overall higher quality of sleep. Jaundiced newborns cried less and were more settled when sleeping on wool over cotton with only 30% of babies crying when on wool and 67% crying on cotton.

Long lasting

Bedding in cots and children’s beds will inevitably be subjected to soiling and need washing often. The natural crimped fibres of Merino wool spring back into shape easily after wear and tear to continue to keep your child warm and comfortable long term while still looking fresh and new. A natural protective outer layer also prevents staining and the anti-static properties will actually deter dust and dirt from building up. Merino wool bedding and accessories in a child’s room will easily withstand the inevitable daily wear and tear that’s expected of it.


Illustration: Barry Allen Patenaude 

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