Scabal And The Rebirth Of Wool

Pursuit of Perfection: Part I

Meet the Maker

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The modern voice of classic elegance and leading publication The Rake presents a two-part editorial showcase, collaborating with iconic fabric producer Scabal and Merino wool custodian The Woolmark Company. The Rake joined Scabal on a retrospective journey of discovery, starting at its distinguished premises on Savile Row.


For close to 500 years Scabal  has been pursuing perfection. As fashions come and fashions go, one thing remains constant: Scabal’s perpetual quest for excellence, one exquisite cloth at a time.

With its tailor at 12 Savile Row, and its prestigious mill in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Scabal breathes new life into the world’s finest, softest Australian Merino wool, sourced directly from Australian woolgrowers, each with their own traditions of excellence.

Today, Scabal has more than 600 employees, and as The Rake learns creates 500 to 600 new fabrics each season. With skills passed down from one generation to the next, Scabal’s master weavers entwine modern technology with ancient traditions and with the purest, natural fibre – Merino wool.

And so, under the helm of Executive Chairman Gregor Thissen - who took over from his father in 2006 – Scabal launches the Noble Fleece Collection and the Scabal Noble Wool Club.

Scabal Merino wool fabric

“For me, it’s the first in a hopefully long series of fabrics that are going to be based on a new focus in the selection process for wool,” Thissen tells The Rake in its February edition of the new Noble Fleece.

“So far in the ultra-fine business, we’ve always focussed on micronage, and I want now to go beyond that and add a lot of other different characteristics to the wool we’re selecting."

Thissen believes that wool, and the traditional ways of processing it, have a bright future thanks to both the sartorial and ethical zeitgeists, reports The Rake.

“It’s an organically grown material, which is produced in a very ecological way, very respectful of the environment,” he says. “The farmers’ passion and dedication to the product, the animals, the environment really hits a chord with us. The most important thing for me is that we stay honest and dedicated to our quality aspirations, and continue to be at the top of the quality ladder.”

And so, as Scabal remains devoted to the pursuit of perfection, The Rake’s investigation leads it, via the mill in Huddersfield, to the distant land – many thousands of kilometres away from the malls, thoroughfares and catwalks of New York, Paris, London and Milan – from which The Woolmark Company plays its own vital role in Scabal’s creation of unsurpassed fabric finery.

The Rake’s reverse-chronological investigation of Scabal and the rebirth of wool will continue in its April edition.

Scabal Merino wool fabric

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