5 tips in buying the perfect running shoe

Must-read fitting tips from adidas before you pound the pavement


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Before you go pounding the pavement, make sure you’re well-supported where it matters most. adidas Senior Director Craig Vanderoef helps you stay on track when fitting and buying your next running shoe.

Adidas Ultra Boost (above); Top Photo: Marianna Massey

The perfect fit

Need a new pair of sneakers? Trying to get fit and healthy by starting to run? Love running marathons or a lazy 10-k jog? Sneakers have a made a mega comeback in recent years with the rise of athleisure and sports-lux apparel. Yet aside from a casual sneaker, a proper, well-fitted running shoe is a wardrobe staple. A lot of damage can be done by working out in the wrong gear. Here, Vanderoef reveals the go-to guide of buying a running shoe perfect for you:

Feel barefoot

The shoe that works the best is one you notice the least: The perfect shoe for you fits your foot without irritation and transitions from impact to toe off without any harsh movements.

Size matters

A lot of runners are stuck on the size they wear in a dress shoe as the must-have size in their athletic shoe. Wrong. The size you need is the one that fits best and offers a snug heel and mid-foot fit, with some wiggle room for your toes.

No room for Scrooging

Find the right shoe for you and make the investment in yourself. Depending on the frequency of your runs, a good pair of running shoes lasts about 6 months or 180 days under heavy use.

Help! I need somebody, help

Work with a professional that will help you choose the shoes that works best with your body. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Fit first

Performance and style can go hand in hand; but get the right fit first and then ask for a colour you like best, or go to miadidas.com and create your own.

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