Base layers for children

Whether for summer or winter, base layers are perfect for children on the go


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Children are naturally active and regularly found outdoors playing in the elements, hot or cold. This means that, more than anyone, they need to be protected against the shifts in temperature to maintain their health. In much the same way they are for adults, base layers for children offer the dual function of helping keep the body cool during warmer weather and keep it warm during colder months.

Merino wool’s ability to help regulate heat, draw moisture away from the body and maintain body temperature make it the perfect material for your children’s base layers. It’s also hypoallergenic, which is important when choosing clothing for children with sensitive skin. Depending on the season, there are several varieties of base layers for children to choose from. 

Base layers for children

Winter base layers    

Longer, thicker base layers are worn during winter as an additional guard against the cold. Because they lay so close to the skin, it is important that they are made from a soft, comfortable fabric such as Merino wool.

  • Long sleeve garments are worn under sweaters or shirts or even pyjamas to fight against winter chills. Because they also regulate temperature, they are ideal for active children who still wish to play outside in the winter.

  • Long underwear is generally worn with long sleeve tops. Slightly easier to wear than the all-in-one options, they are great for outdoor activities that require lots of movement.

  • All-in-one or onesies are reserved for either extreme cold conditions or as a playful pyjamas.


Ultrafine, lightweight varieties of base layers for summer help children from overheating. They will also absorb moisture vapour from the body, helping it to maintain a cooler temperature. Merino wool garments also help prevent sweat odours developing.

  • Short sleeve shirts are worn under normal tee shirts or dresses. Merino wool clothing is extremely breathable and less prone to clamminess.

  • Vests are good for both day under tee shirts or athletic gear when playing sport but are also perfect for the night, when temperatures drop. They can be worn under the pyjamas or on their own.


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