Base layers for men

Whether for summer or winter, Merino wool will work for your wardrobe. Here, a guide to base layers for men


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Base layers for men are an easily integrated part of the wardrobe, seamlessly fitting under existing garments. Best made from Merino wool, they are a comfortable, lightweight addition to your daily outfit. Whether long, short sleeve or all in one, they can be the perfect way to help make sure that your outer clothing remains sweat-free or protects you from the precarious elements of nature.

The first step when it comes to investing in a range of Merino wool base layers is to know what style you need for what occasion, and how to wear them.

Runner wearing base layers for men


With warmer weather, the primary function of men’s base layers is to keep sweat off the body and outer clothing while helping to keep the body temperature down through evaporative cooling. There are two main styles:

  • Short sleeve base layers for men are ideal for wearing beneath business shirts and suits. Made from ultra-fine, lightweight Merino wool, they are designed to be close fitting to the body in order to absorb moisture vapour and create a seamless finish.

  • Vests, like short sleeve shirts, are slim-fitting to prevent excessive sweating and keep the body cool. While these are also fine to wear under your business shirt and suit, their lack of sleeving and deeper necks make them perfect for wearing under more casual clothing.


When the weather cools, base layers are great at regulating heat and protecting your body from the cold. As such, garments that offer a more complete covering of the body are preferred.

  • Long sleeve base layers for men can be worn easily beneath your shirts and suits. Slightly heavier Merino wool, although still lightweight and comfortable, will provide additional warmth while absorbing any moisture vapour that the body produces thus keeping you comfortable all day long.

  • Underwear, both short legged and full-length, can be worn beneath jeans or suit pants to provide an additional layer against the cold weather. Worn beneath cotton jeans, they are a soft barrier against the often chafing effect of denim.

  • All-in-one layers are reserved for more severe winter weather conditions. Tight fitting, like all base layers, they are also a favourite by skiers or men going on outdoor hikes in the cold.


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