Bearing all: wool underwear

Protect yourself against the elements and maximise comfort with Merino wool underwear


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The idea that wool can be used in underwear might seem strange at first, but more and more men and women are discovering the benefits of Merino wool as an everyday undergarment or the fibre of choice for their thermal underwear. And while thermal underwear is typically imagined as long-johns, this isn’t always the case.

In the form of thermal underwear, Merino wool offers additional support and insulation from the cold. Its moisture management properties help to keep your body both comfortable and irritation free. The breathability of the fabric also makes them not only great for winter, but perfect for summer, keeping your body cool and feeling fresh.

Another part of the growing appeal for Merino wool in thermals and underwear is it’s natural stretch. This unrestricted movement makes them ideal for active people, while at the same time perfect for relaxing at home.

Kinds of Merino underwear

Like cotton, underwear designed using Merino wool comes in all styles and shapes, ranging from briefs to boxers and sports bras for women. When choosing which underwear or thermal is right for you, choose your normal size. Its natural elasticity means that it doesn’t typically need synthetic fibres to hold it in shape, making it ideal for not only everyday activities but also energetic, outdoor ones, too.

Unlike other undergarments, most Merino wool underwear and thermals are safe to put through a machine wash. Merino wool is known to hold onto colour and shape, increasing the lifespan of the garments.


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